Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, I'm certainly not on the same level as other freakishly obsessive people, but I am excited to see what they have done with this new Twilight film. David & I bought tickets the other day to go to the midnight showing of it. All three showings were already sold out for the Provo Cinemark, so we have to go to American Fork to see it. (That's exactly what we ended up doing with the midnight showing of Dark Knight as well, though.)

I just barely finished Breaking Dawn, but I think I might pick up the first book again just to brush up on my details before we go and see the movie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Search is Over

I found them. I found the awesome costumes that I was looking for...

David & I are going to be Harry Potter & Hermione Granger for Halloween.

I went to Taylor Maid & got us each the appropriate wand, Gryffindor scarves & hats & black cloaks (because the actual robes were really expensive). David was pretty pleased with my costume selection, so that made me happy. And I'm watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire right now to celebrate my fabulous finds!

Here is where I dressed up our lamp in order to give you a sneak peak of our fantastic outfits. Here is featured the black cloak being held up by its hood, Gryffindor hat and scarf and the Hermione wand. (Harry's wand is darker & shorter.) I'm pretty sure we'll look much snazzier in this than our poor little lamp.

* * *

We also decided that when we go to the midnight showing of the next Harry Potter movie this summer, we could easily dress up like the other freaky people. Woo hoo!

I will post some more pictures of us as soon as we take them. :)

In Search of Halloween Awesomeness

Okay, so my good friend Lisa & I are going shopping in about an hour. David & I are in desperate need of amazing Halloween costumes. I kind of forgot to talk to David about it again today when I took him to work, so I'm hoping that he'll wear whatever I pick out!

Adjusting to Life

As I'm sure most of you know, David & I just got married a month ago. It's been pretty fun so far, though there have definitely been some adjustments in this whole new living situation.

First of all, I think we do the dishes about half as often as we used to. Probably because there are no roommates to complain, but 2 & 3 days' worth of dishes in the sink is still no fun business.

We go to bed a lot earlier now. I think I've been in bed before 11pm more times in this past month than I probably have in the past 5 years. Seriously. Oh, and speaking of sleeping, one of the biggest adjustments I've had to make is sleeping so close to someone else. Before, when I had the luxury of sprawling out like a flying squirrel, I would toss & thrash in my sleep a lot, yet I slept like a brick. I never woke up in the middle of the night. Since getting situated in this new apartment & sharing sleeping space, I've managed to wake up most nights at least 2 or 3 times during the night. I think it's because I'm subconsciously aware of the fact that I could rocket David right out of bed with one swift kick, so I wake up instead, turn over nicely & attempt to fall back asleep (which usually takes about 5 minutes or so). I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it, though.

We still don't have a vacuum cleaner in our apartment, so little crumblies & lints end up everywhere, which I attempt to pick up by hand. I get kind of lazy about that too, though.

We also have a teenie weenie trash can in the kitchen, which calls for a trip to the dumpster at least every other day.

And, as luck would have it, we are now down to one car. David's Blazer is now no longer drivable, so we've been carpooling to work. It's been working out so far, but we are looking into getting a second little clunker just to get us through until we can manage to get something a little bit nicer.

Oh, and we haven't turned on the gas in our apartment yet, so we are in a constant state of 67 degrees, which, with the wind & such, makes it feel quite frosty inside more often than not.

...hmm. Hopefully this doesn't sound like I'm complaining about things, because we are actually having quite a bit of fun. We've met most of our neighbors & they all seem pretty nice. David has stayed on top of his classes even though he missed a week and a half of the semester with the wedding & all. I've been going through all of the hoops of officially changing my last name. I just received my new SS Card today. My name is so long now that they actually had to put my last name on a second line. Also, my new driver's license should be here this week. I'm still getting used to people having no idea how to say or spell my name too.

I'll keep you updated on how everything goes. So far, so good. :)