Friday, November 14, 2008

72-Hour Kits

So, I kind of got bit by the 72-Hour Kit bug. Weird? Maybe. It was really fun, though!

Last night, my ward had an Enrichment activity on 72-Hour Kits & they brought supplies so that we could each make a little one for ourselves. Not a whole lot of people showed up, so there were extra supplies & I made one for David as well. They were all food-type items in a large freezer bag, so when I got home, I located some duffel bags, warm clothes & extra random toiletries that I could include. It was really fun to go through everything & see what I could find as well as make a mental note of things that we really needed (like water, for instance).

(And I found a great use for those Harry Potter hats & scarves that we got for Halloween that I knew we'd never really wear again!)

If we got caught in a disaster right now, at least we wouldn't necessarily die. We've still got a long way to go before they are fully functional, though.

If anyone has any good ideas that they've done for their kits, feel free to let me know! :)


Sara Marie said...

Hey, this is Mom, we had an activity night on 72 hr kits also. One of the sisters wrote a number of items on 3 X 5 cards (all off a list from emergency preparedness) but then a few things like hair brush, makeup, etc. The cards were spread all over a table and then we were given a min and a half to pick up cards one at a time and take them to the timer. I was able to get 13 thinigs. The point was if you aren't prepared you will only get about 20 minutes to get things together and what all you would be able to run around the house and get. One of our older sisters who doesn't move too well said she should get more time - so she was teased about the Lord putting a moat around her house so she would have an extra 10 or 20 minutes so she could pack more things. We all showed our 72 hour kits that were prepared and it gave a lot of great ideas. The Prophet sure got us all inspired! You'll have to tell your family to get you stuff for Christmas. :)

Lisa Lou said...

Our fams are pretty great and have given us food storage items for Christmas the past few years. Last year we received 72 hour food kits for Josh and I. I’m really big into food storage but haven’t done the 72 hour bags yet. You’ve inspired me. We just found out we got our new house today so now we’ll have room to store all this stuff. It’s tough in an apartment when storage space is hard to come by (that’s been my excuse). Now I know what to do with the extra backpacks we have sitting around.

Lanay said...

Dosn't it feel good to be "prepared"? =) We have our kits too, now we need to get the whole food storage under our belts. Oh, one good thing to include in your kit is some money, and have it all in ones. It helps for when there is a disaster cause no one has change or will take a credit card.