Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

David & I had a lot of fun on Halloween. After we both got off of work (which we both dressed up for, by the way), we went to Smith's & bought ourselves a really big pumpkin to carve.

This is David looking a little crazy next to our yet-to-be-carved pumpkin.

In the process... I carved out the eyes.

David carving away...

Adding the finishing touch...

Voila! Fancy Pumpkin!

* * *

Also, we didn't get a picture of us together in our costumes, but we took ones of each other individually anyway.

David as Harry Potter

Me as Hermione Granger


Lanay said...

How fun! You both look great! Did you take a company pic this year?

Tiffany said...

Not in our store... it was just Jen, Erica & I on Halloween because it was so slow & the other girls had school. They had a Halloween party in Sandy as far as I know, though. I'm guessing they took one! :)

sara marie said...

oh my gosh u guys are too freakishly cute!! i never thought i wud say that about my brother haha looks like u giuys have a pretty good life starting :) ps i love having u as my sis now!!