Friday, November 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I guess it's a pretty cool thing to get tagged on your blog. It's happening to all of my friends, so it must be pretty cool. And I want to be cool too, so I guess I should go through with this for the benefit of my social well-being.

I was tagged by Maridyn...

Weird and/or Random Facts:

#1 :: I used to always be very proud of the fact that my last name began with the letter 'A'. Since being recently married, I've transferred rather smoothly to having a last name beginning with the letter 'T'. I always swore that I wouldn't marry someone whose last name wasn't at the beginning of the alphabet because I liked being at the top of lists and such, unless of course it began with the letter 'T' so that I could have a cool alliterate first and last name combination. It apparently worked out for me.

#2 :: When it comes to foods, I'm a texture eater. I can't eat foods that have strange textures to them. I usually won't even try them because they make me want to gag.

#3 :: I drink more skim milk than any person I know. At any given time, we have 1-3 milk jugs (full gallon size) in our refrigerator and I drink almost all of it myself well before the expiration date.

#4 :: I rarely cook. David cooks dinner for us almost every night. He really loves to cook and bake and I really love how domestic he is. :)

#5 :: David introduced me to a fabulous British quiz show called QI. It's hosted by Stephen Fry & is one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen. (If you have a free moment, you should look it up on YouTube.) We've been watching every night for a couple of weeks now.

#6 :: I have one younger brother who got engaged five days before David & I got married. He's getting married next October & I spent part of this evening picking out my bridesmaid's dress online.

#7 :: We just discovered that we actually did in fact have heat in our apartment this whole time. All we had to do was turn our breaker box off then on & voila... heated apartment. We've been living in the cold for a month and a half. Nice, huh?

Okay... so I tag Julina, Sarah, Sara and Lanay. I decided that four people was enough because I can't think of anyone else. So that'll do it.


Lanay said...

I plan on doing the tag the next time I have a sec to write a blog entry. I love you too!

Rookie Blog said...

See I didn't know all that. Congratulations on your brother getting married!