Friday, November 21, 2008

Midnight Movie

Last night, David & I went to the midnight showing of Twilight. We decided that we needed to get there a little early since our previous experience with midnight showings has taught us that all of the crazies get there way too early, making everyone else wait in a ridiculously long line. We got to the theater at 10:30pm & still found a ridiculously long line. They were slowly letting people in to the different theaters that they'd opened up, but it still took us an hour to get in & seated. We did end up with pretty decent seats though, so that was good.

As far as the movie went, I was impressed. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, after having read the book & then seeing the trailer, which didn't match a lot of how I'd envisioned things. But it was actually well done. It did seem like the events went a little fast, but I think that's just because I knew how they were supposed to be in the book & what was missing from each sequence. At any rate, I really enjoyed it.

David was a great sport & came with me. He'd read my copy of Twilight, so he knew what was going on, but my need for this midnight excursion kept us both out until 3am. It wasn't so bad for me since I don't have to go in to work until 2pm today, but poor David had to get up at 9am for class & then has work at 2pm as well. I should make him dinner or do something nice for his loving tolerance of my silly needs.


Julina said...
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Sarah Ragatz said...

Well I'm glad you liked the movie. Carman and I are going to see it Saturday and I'm worried about how much I'll like it. Its nice to hear at least somebody who read the book also liked the movie-I've still got a chance!

Lanay said...

I was able to get Nathan to read all the books, so we're both excited to see the movie. This weekend didn't work out for us. Can't wait to see it.

Sara Marie said...

are u kidding david wud stay up forever if it made u happy he loves youuu!