Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photo Contest

Every month at work, we have a company-wide photographer's contest. There are about ten or so photographers in the company and each one submits five images in four different categories: Family, Children, Individual & Creative. It's fun to sift through all of the sittings that I've shot from the previous month to find the very best work that I've done. And it's even better when I submit images that actually win one of the categories. Winning two categories is even better. And that's what I did in the October Contest.

I won the Individual Category with the picture of a high school senior girl who was lots of fun! We took her pictures at South Fork Canyon Park, just up the Provo Canyon.

I also won the Creative Category with a composite of a woman who had me take portraits of her in her belly dancing outfits. She was apparently a belly dancing instructor at a nearby studio.

And I must say, this victory has certainly fueled my elitist tendencies in a small way.


Lisa Lou said...

Congrats! Very impressive work my dear friend!

I sent something home with P&T for you tonight. Just make sure you get it ok!?!

Tiffany said...

Thank you & thank you! I got your fabulous scarf today when Patrick brought it over & I am so in love with it!

Lanay said...

Holy Cow!! Way to go Tiffers! I think those images are breathtaking. Really really love them. Way to go!