Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Politically Correct

So I went and voted today. Being my day off, I did lots of other things too, like grocery shopping and cleaning. I finally went to vote at about 3:45pm. I went to the place I thought I was supposed to go to vote & after being sent to various adjacent government buildings by various obviously educated government employees, I finally found where I was supposed to be. I had to fill out a provisional ballot since I'd changed my name & address too recently for it to be on their updated voting records. After the lady had me fill out the necessary paperwork, she handed me a paper ballot & told me that I could fill it out now. I asked her if I should fill it out where I was (in front of her, 2 other poll workers & a couple of other people waiting around & filling out provisional paperwork) or if I should go elsewhere. She told me that it didn't matter, but that there was a room with tables in the back for some privacy if I wanted to go there. I decided to stay in the open, public area that I was in. And I grinned about it. :)

The whole forced privacy of the entire voting situation is quite silly to me. Not that I don't think that it is a good idea as an option, of course, but the weight placed on the principle is too overdone. I mean, if you don't want people to know who you voted for, that's fine by me. I, for one, could really care less. If someone wants to know who I'm voting for badly enough to peek at my ballot while I'm filling it out or to ask me about it later, why should that be so taboo? If I cared at all about the privacy of my vote, I would have hovered in a dimly lit corner until I was finished. However, I felt like I made a small, slightly victorious, statement today; that I'm not ashamed of the choices I make when it comes to politics. I didn't waive my ballot in front of anyone's face like an overblown activist, but I sat out in the open & declared my choice with the little bit of voice that I've been given as an American. And that satisfied me.

Oh yea, and I voted for John McCain.


Megan said...

When people were doing phone calls on Prop 8 in CA to figure out if it would pass people often lied. It looked like Prop 8 would die by a landslide. But when people were in the privacy of the booth prop 8 all of a sudden became a very close race. We passed ours by a larger margin here in AZ.

Rookie Blog said...

Love your comments and blog. I seriously need lessons. I tagged you on my blog, but I found a tag I like better. So instead of listing 7 things, pick the 4th picture from the 4th folder in your pictures file and then explain it. Or you can do the other one...whichever.