Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Anticipation

We are thoroughly excited for Thanksgiving! David is excited because he gets to cook all day long & I'm excited because I get to finally put up our Christmas Tree & decorations. We're both really excited too because, since we rarely have matching schedules, we actually get to both sleep in that day!

We did our Round One Thanksgiving Food Shopping last Thursday. I had the unfortunate experience one year of being stuck with cranberry jelly rather than cranberry chunks because I waited until a couple of days before Thanksgiving before doing my holiday food shopping, so I vowed to get a jump start on it this time. We got a little 12 lb turkey & lots of other fun foods! I'm particularly excited about the real sweet potatoes that we bought. David's currently on the lookout for a good recipe. Round Two Thanksgiving Food Shopping is coming up soon. As David has been collecting some fun recipes, he's been making a list of all of the food items that we still need to get. That will certainly happen in the next couple of days.

Also, we still don't have a kitchen table or chairs, so we're going to be picnicking it in the living room this year. And we will definitely have to take pictures of that.

I'm pretty excited for this. Our first major holiday as married people. And we'll be eating on the floor. Can't get better than that.

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