Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Fun Business

Getting sick is no fun business.

I worked almost 22 hours between last Friday & Saturday; the 2 days after Thanksgiving. Though I can usually handle that & have done so many times before, I think it wanted to do me in this time. I woke up on Sunday not feeling well at all, which resulted in my sweet little husband staying home with me to make me food & take naps with me. Yesterday is when the icky throat feeling started to come on, so I'm hoping that I can ward this off with some extra rest & liquids. I didn't have to go into work until 2pm yesterday & don't have to go in until 3pm today & tomorrow is my day off. I hoping that this combination will work to my advantage.

As hopeful as I am for my getting better soon, I have to repeat similar shifts this Friday & Saturday as well, so we'll see how that goes.


Megan said...

Here's hoping you get overtime. I wish they had shots for colds - I hate them. I was able to get Jack & Kate flu shots and Rich picked up one at work but I have yet to find a place that will give me the pregnant one and take my insurance.

Lanay said...

Holy Cow do I know what you're feeling Tiffers! That is one thing I don't miss working at fun-agenix.=) I really hope you get feeling better soon.

How many families of 30+ did you shoot in a row? It's way hard to keep up huh? Love you girl hang in there!!!

Lisa Lou said...

I didn't know you felt bad! You did a fabulous job taking or pics and getting Mal to smile! I'm sorry you were feeling lousy. :( We finally picked up your wedding present if that makes you feel any better. I'll bring it on Saturday when once again I'm making you work. :S

Sarah Ragatz said...

Well its been 2 days since your post...here's to hoping you feel better by now!

Allmaras Family said...

Hope you get better soon!!! Like your blog!