Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Finished Apartment

It's about time! We have finally gotten settled into our apartment. And by settled in, I mean that I have gotten things to look pretty much the way that I had wanted them to look all along. There are still a few little things that I'd like to do, but for the most part, I think it looks nice and complete.

Bathroom Vanity :: The clock next to the mirror has slots that you can put pictures in, so I put in a bunch of candid shots of our family from our wedding reception.

Shower :: This is by far the coolest shower curtain in the WORLD. It has mesh pockets! So, naturally, we keep stuff in there. I'm not sure why I find this so fascinating, but it is one of my favorite wedding presents!

Living Room :: I know that this picture looks a little orange, but those curtains are really a fabulous shade of red. We just got them up last week. It definitely makes the room look a lot less bare.

Shelves :: We needed 2 bookcases to fit everything on, but we like how it looks. You can also see our fish tank on the left. We only have one fish, Izzie. On the wall to the left of the bookcases is a collage frame of our engagement pictures. On the right in a painting of the Bountiful Temple that my brother, Tony, painted for me in high school.

Furniture :: Here is our awesome ShopKo couch. :) On the wall above the shelf is our marriage certificate. The pictures to the left of it in the long frame are pictures that I took at the beach while we were on our honeymoon in Vancouver.

Dining Room :: Here is our finished table again. I also found a nice picture of the Savior and a great deal on a frame with matting, so now we have a little bit of wall art. :)

* * *

That's all that I have for now.


Megan said...

Looks great. Do you want to come decorate my house?

Tiffany said...

Yes! :)

tawna said...

yay! what a fun shower curtain!

i want to see it in real life! :)

Jen said...

Tony has never painted anything for me :( I'm jealous! I would like to see some stuff!

Lisa Lou said...

Congrats on getting the curtain up!! It's looking fabulous!! I'll be over!

Lanay said...

So cute! Way to decorate! Don't you just love to come home?