Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Preparing for Vacation

Today is the one day that David & I both have off & we decided that we'd use the day to get lots of things done that needed finished before we leave for vacation.

We decided to take our car in for an oil change & a travel inspection since we'd be driving it across the country.  We seriously needed new tires & a couple of other things done to it before it could make the trip, so we are waiting for a call from the shop right now so that we can go & pick it up.  Although it cost more than we'd like to spend right before our vacation, it was pretty badly needed & we'll have a safer trip because of it.

We also thought we'd take today to catch up on our laundry & house cleaning so that it wouldn't be so bad right before we leave.  Since it has been so stinking hot outside today, we've been a little lazier about that part of it & only one load of laundry has made it as far as the dryer.

On a brighter note, we have been on the lookout for some new button-up shirts for David since most of his are black & are starting to wear out.  When we were waiting for the shop to finish the travel inspection, we walked next door to the DI (Deseret Industries - the thrift store) & looked around.  We ended up finding 3 new shirts for David for $4 each.  They were really new looking.  One of them still had the original tags on it (which said it should have cost $37.50).  We were extremely pleased with our find!

Well, back to cleaning I go...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from the Dead

So, I obviously got a little lazy & let over 2 months lapse since the last time I wrote anything. Sorry about that! Here's a bit of an update on what we've been doing...

  • David's work schedule changed this week.  They needed to cut back on hours for everyone since they have too many student employees for the summer, so David now has Tuesdays off, which is my regular day off during the week.  It's nice to be able to spend time together during the day so that we can go places.
  • In light of our new found time together, we decided to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house last Tuesday.  We went to the Draper Temple open house a few months ago as well.  Neither of us had attended an open house before that, so it was quite the awesome experience.
  • We celebrated our 9 month wedding anniversary this past Saturday.
  • David & I are finally taking a vacation!  We are taking a road trip out east so that we can visit our families (his in Illinois, mine in Ohio) & visit Washington, DC.  We are really excited to go since we haven't had an real breaks since our honeymoon.
  • I've been working a lot on my own personal photography website.  I don't want to post it just yet since I don't feel like it is even close to being ready, but if you want a sneak peek at it, feel free to email me.  I'm trying to do more shoots on my own so that I have a good variety of images to display (& not have a ton of the same thing or person).  It's a lot of work, but I'm really excited to get it done.
  • I have finally put my sewing skills to the test & am quite proud of myself.  I successfully, in ONE day, patched a hole in the back of David's jeans, fixed a torn collar on my favorite pink shawl & sewed up the side of a pair of my work slacks where the seam had come undone.  I usually take an inordinate amount of time to finish any ONE of these things, so I am very happy with myself.