Friday, November 20, 2009

Late Night Excursions

We don't get to have too many late night excursions, since one or both of us always has to work the next morning.  However, I took work off today knowing that David & I were going to the New Moon premier last night.

And, I have to say, I enjoyed it.  It had the same feel as Twilight, except the cinematography was a lot better & I think everyone knew what to expect this time around.

We didn't get to bed until about 3am, so I am giving myself complete license to be lazy this morning.

The Cops Here Are Bad Drivers, Too...

Last night, as I was going to pick David up from work, I ended up driving behind an SUV that turned out to be a police cruiser.  After getting behind him, we both immediately turned right, at which point the cop failed to use his blinker.  Okay, fine.  I guess I can handle that.  Everyone around here is terrible at using their blinkers anyway.  However, further up this same street, I was next to him (but further forward) in the right lane, right behind a bus.  The bus stopped, so I put on my blinker to go around it.  I had just enough room to get over; of course, until the cruiser barreled up behind me faster than he was going a second earlier, making me slam on my breaks and wait behind the bus until it moved again because the line of cars in the other lane kept going & I currently had no momentum with which to merge.


It's no wonder that people in this state have no idea where to begin when it comes to safe & courteous driving.  The police not only fail to stop stupid driving, they encourage it through bad behavior of their own.

I need to move out of Utah.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everyone Needs One...

...a wonderfully supportive husband who will take her to the midnight showing of New Moon, even when he has already endured taking her to the midnight showing of Twilight last year.

That's where we are going tonight.

I love my husband. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Snow

It's been wonderfully fall-like for the past few weeks here.  Normally, Utah weather decides to skip from blazing summer straight to yucky winter, but this year, the weather was being good to us.  So, of course, I slipped on my mesh summer slippers this morning & walked outside only to find a fine blanket of snow covering everything.

So much for fall.
It is now the time of year where I walk out to my car ten minutes earlier just to make sure I can see out of my windows before I start to drive off.  Scraping ice has never been on the top of my "Fun Things About Winter" list.  Actually, there are only three things on that list.

1. Building Snowmen.
2. Hot Chocolate.
3. Christmas.

I think I'll use my time thinking about those things instead.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

You Missed Me, Didn't You?

How did I completely miss September and October?  Sorry about that, folks.  A lot of stuff has happened.  It got a little too crazy for a while & I apparently failed to blog about it.

Nevertheless, the most recent happening on our side of the fence has consisted of our most recent trip to Ohio for my brother's wedding.  Tony got married on 24 October 2009 to his long-time girlfriend, Jen.  They should be returning from their honeymoon in Venezuela today.

If you want to see anymore shots from the rehearsal dinner or reception that I did, click here.

* * *

Celebrating Halloween was a blast as well.  Here are a few shots from pumpkin carving last night.