Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Snow

It's been wonderfully fall-like for the past few weeks here.  Normally, Utah weather decides to skip from blazing summer straight to yucky winter, but this year, the weather was being good to us.  So, of course, I slipped on my mesh summer slippers this morning & walked outside only to find a fine blanket of snow covering everything.

So much for fall.
It is now the time of year where I walk out to my car ten minutes earlier just to make sure I can see out of my windows before I start to drive off.  Scraping ice has never been on the top of my "Fun Things About Winter" list.  Actually, there are only three things on that list.

1. Building Snowmen.
2. Hot Chocolate.
3. Christmas.

I think I'll use my time thinking about those things instead.


Rookie Blog said...

I love to read about weather in Utah to remind me why I love to live in Vegas. It was a nice 70 today. Beautiful. I miss the cold sometimes and then I visit...and I'm good. Tony looks great Joe says. So happy for your family.

Megan said...

And I feel soo cold! Its 68 in the house and I'm burried in blankets. I have a Rydersicle too.

Julina said...

I miss you, too! I sometimes wish we still lived in Utah. I actually miss the snow but not so much the cold. ;) I do miss Stephen's Hot Cocoa, though, and the fact that I could drink it almost every day during the winter. How is everything going for you? I guess I should have just emailed you instead of commenting, but oh well. Love you girl!