Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chomatero, Greece

A few weeks ago, David & I decided that we would go to the Family History Sunday School class. Since both of David's parents are converts to the Church and I am a convert myself, all of the family history that we have collected has been done by our own families, making it far from complete.

David's grandfather came from a very small village in Greece. One of the projects that his family has been working on for quite some time is finding out where this village is located.

During our Sunday School class today, the teacher introduced us to a website that contains free access to ship manifests from Ellis Island ( We found a lot of immigration information about his family and found out that the city that we were trying to locate had been misspelled by everyone the whole time, which obviously made it impossible to find. Especially since, as of the 1990 census, only 170 people lived in this village.

Here is a map showing Chomatero, Greece:

It was quite the exciting find, especially for David, who had to call his Mom to share the good news the minute we got home. :) We have been able to find a lot more information about his family just in those few minutes than we thought we'd ever be able to find.

I know I'm a geek, but family history is seriously fun. :)

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Julina said...

I totally agree that family history is fun! I need to get back into it. Congrats on finding such valuable info and good luck in finding more!