Thursday, February 11, 2010

That's Too Educational

While at work earlier today, my 12pm appointment walked in. I was to take pictures of her 9 month old son & she was accompanied by her friend, who brought her two sons, ages 2 & 5. My client's friend immediately approached Dan, one of my coworkers, and they had the following conversation:

Lady: Can I turn on this TV?

Referring to the television in the children's play room next to the front lobby.

Dan: Sure. The remote is on the top of the TV.

This lady proceeds to turn on the TV. She notices that the DVD currently playing is Looney Toons.

Lady: Sorry, I don't mean to be high maintenance, but do you have any other DVDs? This one is too educational for my kids.

Dan: Sure. We have Veggie Tales. Is that okay?

Lady: Yea, that's perfect.

Then she proceeds to change the DVD, turn the volume all the way up & then walks away to help my client get her child ready for her session.

Really? Looney Toons is more "educational" than Veggie Tales? I really have no comment for that.

1 comment:

tawna said...

um...maybe she meant 'too educational' as in...too educational into the world of adults. Because last time I checked- Loony toons was a little too adultish for my tastes. But, that was like...15 years ago. (am i really getting that old?!?!?)

you know- the whole Roger Rabbit- skanky women- etc?

b/c im pretty sure loony toons has absolutely SQUAT educational value.