Sunday, March 7, 2010

Doctor Who

Our most recent television viewing adventure has been spent watching the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who.

This is one of David's favorite shows. He's been wanting to share it with me for quite a while and, until recently, I'd been resisting his efforts. It's too bad that it took me so long to be willing to watch it, because it's actually quite fantastic. Of course, since it airs on BBC One (in Great Britain), we can't watch it but online. Occasionally, BBC America (which we do get) will air reruns, but we mostly just watch it on our laptops anyway.

Doctor Who is currently on season 5 (not counting the older original seasons from back in the '60s). Seasons 2 through 4 star David's favorite actor, David Tennant, who, as you can see here, looks a lot like David. I affectionately refer to his fondness for David Tennant as his "man crush".

My fondness for the show mostly revolves around the fact that I feel like I'm watching my husband be an intergalactic hero. Enough said.

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Caroline said...

Oh! Oh! I love Dr. Who. Awesome show. I'm working on watching the post-Season 4 specials right now.