Friday, May 28, 2010

The Tuesday Chronicles :: Week 4

Okay, so I know I would have normally posted this on Tuesday, but there was an "issue".

I took some awesome pictures of our adventures which, in a nutshell, got corrupted on my camera before I could post them. Booooo... So, I was trying to recover them. And I tried in vain. Oh well. Here goes...

First of all, David & I went to a salon so that I could get a haircut. My hair was getting WAY too long & summer is not the time for awesome locks that I'm simply not all that attached to. So I cut it off. All of it. As in 11 inches. That's right. (This is where I took an awesome picture that I no longer have.) I wasn't initially planning on cutting off quite that much, but since my hair was so long, I decided that it would be cool to donate it to Locks of Love. And my hair was so thick that they had to separate it into two separate pony tails. Now my hair is about at my collar bone and the weightlessness of it feels great!

Afterwards, we went to Nickel City, the nickel arcade in Orem, & played for like an hour. Nice & reminiscent of a long lost childhood. Oh, & big news... we won soooo many tickets that we were able to buy a really cool, fake, floppy, super thin Cat in the Hat looking stripey hat. Woo hoo!

After that, we went to the dollar theater & saw Alice in Wonderland, which we loved. We definitely plan on buying it at some point. Plus, Tim Burton is simply a rock star.

That is all.

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Sara Marie said...

ok well take more pics cuz i wanna see your hair!! anddd seth and i loved alice in wonderland as well we r gunna buy it too!