Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tuesday Chronicles :: Week 5

So, today's adventures started out by us taking a 45 minute drive through the country. We eventually made our way back & stopped by a little fresh produce stand that we saw on our way. We ended up getting six ears of corn and a box of yummy strawberries. As you can see, David is demonstrating just how delicious they are. :)

Then we went to the Provo Towne Centre Mall & walked around for a bit. We spent most of our time browsing around the used book store & dodging the crazy people who work at the cell phone kiosks. We did end up going to FYE & remembered that Alice in Wonderland came out on DVD today. They were having a sale on everything in the store, so we ended up getting it. It was on sale for $5 off & we also had a $5 gift card from when we traded in a couple of DVDs a few months ago. So we got the movie for $15 (instead of $25) on the day it released. Not too shabby.

After about an hour of the mall, we went to Wingers for a late lunch.

Now we're home. Watching Alice in Wonderland. Pretty wonderful day.

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Lisa Summerhays said...

Sounds wonderful. We're about to watch Alice in Wonderland too. We just rented it cause we haven't even seen it yet. Sad, I know.