Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a BOY?!

What the heck?

I mean, not that I'm sad, because I am THRILLED, but seriously, my intuition is usually right on about stuff like this. And it was WAY off.

Well, in reality, you can only be right or wrong about guessing the gender of an unborn baby, but I feel WAY off since I was sooooo convinced that HE was a SHE.

But he's a he. And we are happy. :)

But first things first... I must let any of you know who aren't already aware... we aren't sharing our baby's name until he is born. Why? Well, mostly because it's fun to have surprises & secrets. But also, I have heard way too many stories about friends who have shared their potential baby names with family, friends or total strangers who have made rude comments about hating that name or telling horrific stories about how they know someone with that particular name & what tragic thing occurred in relation to this similarly named person. We chose our baby's name very carefully because we are absolutely in love with it. It would be really sad to have someone tell us how horrible our choice is. And in addition to that, once our baby actually born & has the name that we picked out for him, it would be completely rude for someone to say something negative about it. And if they do, I'm pretty sure that I then, as the mother, have a legal obligation to punch them square in the face.

Violence aside, we are quite happy. If I can manage to figure out how to post the video that we got of our ultrasound, I will. (If you are interested.) Otherwise, just trust us that he is certainly a boy! :)