Tuesday, August 17, 2010

25 Weeks & Crazy

Today is my 25 week mark! Hooray! Only 15ish more to go. It feels like it's been going by super slow, but like a have a billion things to do before the baby comes.

David & I both had today off, so we went & did some more baby shopping! I must say that it's really nice to have him come along with me. He always finds things that I don't see & we always seem to find the best deals when we're together. Plus, ever since we found out that we're having a boy, he's been a lot more excited about shopping for baby stuff. :)

We decided to go to Lehi & American Fork - both cities that are about 20 minutes north of Provo - to see what kid/baby stores they had since we'd already canvased everything in this area. We looked up a few places online so that we'd know where to go. We went to Kid to Kid first, which, if you don't know, is a store where people can sell their like-new kid's stuff so I can buy it! We got a couple of things, including a great looking Old Navy jacket for $5.99! We also got a few things at the local Wal-Mart & Costco there, which was nice because it was a different selection than what we have here in Provo/Orem.

We came home for about two hours since I was getting tired of walking & we had an appointment later on this evening. After our appointment, we went for ice cream & then went next door to Shopko to look around for some new shoes for David. (We were both in need, but his need was definitely more immediate than mine.) We'd been on the lookout for a rug for the baby's room for a while & ended up finding a really great 5'x7' blue rug there. Normally, it sold for $120 (yikes!) but was on sale for $38 (score!), so we couldn't resist! And it was much bigger & nicer than what we thought we'd end up with for the amount of money we were willing to spend on a rug. We also ended up finding a great pair of new shoes for each of us as well. And, as an extra bonus, when the gal was ringing us up, it turned out that it was "buy one get one half off" on shoes, so we got a pair for half price! Woo hoo!

Today was all about the great deals!

Sometimes, all of this shopping makes me feel like I'm going crazy with all of this baby stuff. I actually have a big ol' list of everything that we'll need & how much of it we'll want to get before the baby arrives. I know, I sound nuts, but it's the best way I have to keep me from spending all of my money on cute baby clothes in all of the same size & forget to buy something important, like a car seat. It's been really helpful to see what we should be buying so that we don't waste our money.

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