Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Weeks & Getting A Move On It!

I would say that time is flying by, because it kind of is, but it also feels like it's about time that I made it this far! I can't believe that we're about 75% of the way through this. I'm feeling pretty prepared. Well, for the most part. I feel like we have most of the essentials covered & that if (heaven forbid) our baby boy were to come today that we'd have most of the things that we need.

We just got back from Idaho last night & I don't have to go back to work until Friday, so I'm trying to use these next couple of days to get things a little more organized. I have mounds upon mounds of baby clothes that I need to wash & put away, more decorations to put up, thank you notes to write, furniture to dust, my "to buy" list to still update... you name it & I probably still have to do it!

David & I came back from Idaho with a lot of stuff that his family graciously purchased for us. His parents & grandma brought a large bag filled with clothes & blankets for the baby & his oldest brother & sister-in-law brought us a present as well. And while we were there, his family insisted on taking us baby shopping & we got even more fabulous stuff! When we got home, we had two more packages waiting for us & another one that arrived today -- all stuff for the baby -- and this is all in addition to the two large boxes of stuff that my mom has already sent to us (& apparently she's putting together yet another)! Oh boy!

We're really grateful for all of the generosity & excitement that everyone has shown us. Now it's time for me to sort through everything & get it ready for this little guy! :)

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