Monday, October 4, 2010

About 8 Weeks to Go

I have a ton of things on my mind right now since we only have about 8 weeks left of this pregnancy (give or take 2 weeks). I know that this is pretty much all I talk about now, but that's probably because it's taking over my brain! I go to work & focus on that while I'm there (most of the time), but when I'm not, all I can think about is everything that I need to do before this little guy gets here.

Most of the time, I'm way too tired to do anything once I get home from work. And if I have a day off, all I want to do is rest. Motivating myself is probably going to always be at the top of my "things to accomplish today" list.

Now is the point in this post where I start to create a list of all of the things I need to do in the next few weeks.

Work :: I realized the other day that I only have about 7 weeks (or fewer if he comes sooner) left at my job, which is absolutely insane for me to think about, seeing as how I've been working there for over 5 years. I'm so excited to finally be done with that job, but it's weird to think about the fact that I'll be home taking care of a baby. At any rate, I have some loose ends that I'll need to make sure are taken care of before I take my leave, which is a big thing to accomplish on my list.

Baby Shower :: My most fabulous friend, Lisa, is throwing me a baby shower in a couple of weeks. She has been working super duper hard on everything, especially the invitations, as she makes them herself. (See her fabulousness at I'm looking forward to the fun!

Stuff to Buy :: We still have a couple of things to buy for the baby, but nothing too urgent. Most of the essentials are taken care of already. We have a couple of coupons for later this month to use at Baby's R Us, so we're just waiting for them to kick in to get the best deal.

Apartment Cleaning :: I feel like my apartment is in need of a serious scrub down. Since I've been so tired, I've kind of let it go. I finally tackled the living room earlier this week, but the rest of the apartment still needs my help. This is probably my biggest task yet! Yikes.

Insurance :: I have to call my insurance about a couple of different things. I have a lot of questions I should sort out before he gets here.

There are probably a billion more things I could add to this list, but my brain hurts. Good night.

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Jenny said...

Go Tiff Go!! You'll get everything done! I recommend RESTING... as much as possible! Everything else will fall in place - Rest is the one thing you'll miss!! :D So, I say, Take a nap whenever you get a chance! I wanted to say that I want to come to your Baby Shower! Please let me know when it is, so I can start planning to see if I can make it! :D

I love you TIFF! You rock! OH! I would like to see an updated pic of your awesome TUMMY! :D