Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Shower

Last Tuesday night, I had my baby shower.

I believe that I can safely proclaim that I had the very best & beautiful baby shower on the entire planet. That's right. The best. My dearest friend, Lisa, went all out in creating the most fabulous decor & making the most delicious food ever.

As I've mentioned before, Lisa makes gorgeous greeting cards, invitations & other wonderful craftiness for a living. First of all, she put a ton of hard work into creating my lovely monkey baby shower invitations!

I think I received a compliment from every single person who received one, if I spoke to them before the shower. As you can see, they are pretty darn cute & definitely baby boy-ish!

Lisa's parents were very generous & allowed us to have the shower at their home in Pleasant Grove. There were lots of wonderful monkey decorations to tie in the theme! Here are some more pictures.

We had fun nibbling on the delicious goodies & decorating onesies for our soon-to-appear little guy. Thank you so much to Lisa, Josh (Lisa's wonderful husband who helped with lots of preparations!) & to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. It was a really fantastic evening!


Lanay said...

Cute I wish I could have been there for you sweet friend!

Mrs. Petersen said...

Hey! I know you said and invite was coming for this, but I never saw one! It turned out so cute! Your frined did such a great job! I'm glad you had fun!

Jamie Caitlin said...

Dude... you forgot all the important pictures, like all the cool stuff you got, and you all pregnant in a cute outfit!! :) Lisa sure is great though!!!

Bre.Red.Mace said...

Oh My Gosh Tiff! I love it!! Everything turned out so stinkin cute! ;)I can't wait to meet your little man, Mace and him will be good buddies! Hope your hanging in there! Our due dates are right around the corner!!!