Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I Love My Husband

There are several reasons why I love my dear husband.

Lately, I feel like my obsession with preparing for our soon-to-come life change has made me realize more just how much he does for me; for us. It's not like I was ungrateful or oblivious to his kindness before, but the more stressful life has become, the more I've noticed just how constantly supportive & loving he is.

The wonderful thing: He's always been like this.

I joined a online community message board on for mothers who are due with little ones in November. It has taught me a lot about different aspects of pregnancy that I would have never thought of if someone hadn't brought up the subject & it has allowed me to connect with other women who are experiencing their pregnancies on a similar timeline as me. I love how informative & fun it is! On the flip side, people will also post their complaints about their pregnancies, their jobs &, of course, their husbands.

While I would never post any personal details of marital discontent on an online message board, reading about the trials that other women are experiencing with their husbands has made me incredibly grateful for David in every way. I've read posts about things as serious as infidelity & pornography as well as posts as simple as "Why does he think he can come home from work & sit on his butt all evening? I'm pregnant & running after 3 kids all day! When is my break?" Some posts are amusing, while others belittle their husbands or mention how hurtful or insensitive their spouses are being towards their pregnancy woes.

While I won't pretend that my husband is perfect (maybe close...), I will tell you that he has never given me cause to say any such thing about him or his behavior.

Now, I'm sure that some of you are thinking, "You've only been married a couple of years & you don't have kids yet. Just wait." Well, there is only one thing I'm waiting for, & that's to see what kind of a fabulous father he will be to our little boy. Because I know that there is no way that he can be such a kind & caring husband & not carry that over into fatherhood.

I feel the need to brag about a few of the wonderful things he's done for me; some recent, others recurring. Here goes:

- David cooks dinner for us nearly every single night. Most of you already know this, but to the woman (that's me) who views cooking as a daily chore & not a source of creation or excitement (like David does), this is one of the biggest everyday blessings that I never even thought to ask for.

- I don't think a day has gone by since the day we were married where David hasn't told me more than once how pretty he thinks I am.

- He is constantly trying to make me comfortable, especially since becoming pregnant. When I had morning sickness, he'd eat salad & fruit with me & then proceed to rub my back while I vomited it up the next morning. (No joke.) Now, he rubs my back constantly when he can tell that it's bothering me. Sometimes I don't even have to say anything. He just does it.

- Not since I was 10 weeks pregnant have I had to carry a basket of laundry to or from our washroom (which is located on the other side of our apartment complex) because he knows how uncomfortable it makes me to do so. And even when I tell him that I'll fold all of the laundry (since he actually took it down to wash), he almost always helps me.

- Anytime he sees me bending down for more than a second (like to get something off of the bottom shelf of the fridge or something), he'll tell me to stop so that he can get it. Or he'll bring me a drink so that I don't have to get up.

I really think I could got on & on & on... but you get my point.

Nobody has to be nice. Nobody said that back rubs were a required part of the marriage contract. Nevertheless, I have never seen more selfless behavior in anyone in my life than I have seen in David over these past 2 years that we have been married. My goal in all of this is to not only try to return the same kindnesses to him, but to never ever take his actions for granted.

I really really love my husband.

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Jenny said...

Your post almost made me cry! I'm glad David treats you like the Queen YOU ARE!!! :D It makes me happy to know that he's taking care of my dear TEEEEEEEEEF! I love you guys!! :D