Monday, November 29, 2010

James's Newborn Pictures

Last night, I went to the studio with my mom & David so that I could take some newborn pictures of James. I just thought I would share them with you. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank Heavens for Grandmas

I absolutely love my mom! It's been so wonderful to have her here these past couple of days. I didn't realize how nice the extra help would be until I actually got it. :)

She has helped us with cooking & cleaning & taking James so that we can take naps. She has also chauffeured me around town so that I can get a few errands accomplished (since I can't drive again yet). And it's been nice that David has been home for the holiday weekend, meaning that while my mom plays chauffeur to me, David can stay home with James since I don't plan to take him out into public during this cold season if I don't have to.

My mom will be here until Saturday. After that, David's mom plans on coming out to stay with us for two weeks. We are really blessed to have such giving families.

Thank heavens for grandmas. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Night Home

Last night was the night. Our first night home. In many ways, it was nice. We got home at about 1:30pm, so we had plenty of time to settle in. James slept most of the day away, which naturally meant that he did just the opposite come nighttime.

David & I tried to go to bed at about 9:30pm, which is normally pretty early for us. Of course, rather than anyone getting any sleep, James decided that he wanted to eat, then cuddle, then eat, then cuddle, then eat... you get it. This lasted pretty much all night. Any time we put him down, he protested. Loudly. At about 3am, David decided to fix this cuddling demand by letting him cuddle on us. It made me a little nervous because I didn't want him to roll off or get squished or something, but as soon as David brought him to bed, he knocked right out. After about an hour, I put him back down. And, of course, he again protested. We repeated the cuddling two more times before morning came. And naturally, that's when I fed him, changed him & he went right to sleep. Crazy kid.

So overall, I think I got about 2 hours of disjointed sleep. And now? He's sleeping on our bed & has been for most of the day. We've got to reverse this pattern. :)

It's been a joy to have him in our home, though. And all of our friends & neighbors have been very generous to us as well. Last night, our neighbors Jeff & Jackie Crane brought us a delicious dinner of taco soup & cornbread muffins. Later that night, we were contacted by two more of our neighbors to see if they could bring by dinner for tonight & Friday night. Today, yet another person called to make sure that we had dinners taken care of for the week. It's been really wonderful to know that so many people care & were thinking about us.

And to top everything off, both of our mothers are coming out to spend time with us & to help us take care of James in the coming weeks. We are really excited to see them & even more excited to know that decent sleep might be in our future!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Little Champ

James has been quite the little "champ", as I like to call him. He's only been around for two and a half days & has been doing so well. So far, he's been a pretty good sleeper. I've had to wake him up to eat a few times. We're also just starting to get the hang of this whole nursing business. We had to use a little bit of formula to keep his blood sugar up, but he's been doing great & I think we're both starting to get much more comfortable with his feedings. He also doesn't fuss too much unless you are messing with him (as in trying to change him or re-swaddle him or something). And he absolutely loves to snuggle!

His personality so far is pretty mellow, but he makes the most hilarious facial expressions; many of which make him look exactly like his daddy!

A lot of the medical personnel that we've had help from can't seem to tell us enough just how adorable he is (& I'm sure they've seen their fair share of less-than-adorable babies).

He is truly a blessing to have around. I know that things will change as he grows & that he may not always be easy, but I'm going to enjoy this now while I've got it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

James is Finally Here!

4:50am :: Wake up to get ready for our trip to the hospital.

5:45am :: Arrive at the hospital & get all checked in.

6:30am :: Nurse arrives & gets everything set up for Dr Parker.

7:00am :: Dr Parker arrives & they notify the anesthesiologist that I will need an epidural for the version.

7:45am :: The anesthesiologist attempts to give me an epidural four times before "succeeding", at which point, the epidural only works on the right half of my body.

8:00am :: Dr Parker attempts to turn the baby three times. Incredibly painful without a fully working epidural, but manageable. Instead of turning at all, the baby decides just to bury himself deeper & not move at all.

9:00am :: Dr Parker decides that we need to go ahead with the c-section, but that we need to decide on how to make sure that I'm pain-free since the epidural didn't take fully. The anesthesiologist was weary of doing a spinal since he hadn't been able to succeed with the epidural & there was always the option of putting me to sleep (which nobody wanted). He decided to try giving me a spinal & succeeded on his first attempt. (Hooray!)

9:31am :: Baby James came out perfectly beautiful & very squeaky (not screamy).

9:45am :: They whisk James & David away to give James a bath & do a few other things with him while they sewed me back up.

11:45am :: I finally get to see my baby boy again!

* * *

Here are some pictures!

Right before leaving for the hospital - 38 weeks, 4 days

Brand new & covered in gunk.

James Anthony Tertipes - 6 pounds, 6 ounces - 19 inches long

Goopy-eyed, but stinkin' cute. And check out his daddy's handsome chin.


Lookin' like a stud.

First bath.

All clean!

Relaxing from a rough day...

The beginnings of an FBI file.

Mom & Baby.

Dad & Baby.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Week of Insanity

This week, instead of going by in a normal fashion, decided that it was going to be crazy. Just for the fun of it. And here's how it went down:

Monday :: Actually, pretty normal-ish. Went to work all day. That's about it.

Tuesday :: Day off from work. Had 38 week checkup. Blood pressure was super high & a couple other factors made the doctor think that I might have to have this baby before Saturday. Ordered me to cut out all heavy physical activity (including photography). Ordered a couple of lab tests & decided that we were good to go. Phew. Had to call work to tell them that they had to rearrange the schedule to find a different photographer for my last few days.

Wednesday :: Woke up with a slight sore throat. Went to work at 10am as usual. Since I couldn't shoot, my manager sent my home by 2pm (instead of 7pm). Had a whole day to run errands. Sore throat got worse & congestion hit, along with a major headache. No sleep that night.

Thursday :: Woke up at 5:15am & couldn't fall asleep due to yucky sickness. At 6:15am, ate some cereal & took a hot shower in hopes of falling back asleep. Woke up again at 8am & called the clinic to make sure the sickness wasn't connected to Tuesday's abnormal findings. We both called off of work, got checked out & all was fine. No temp, no bacteria, just sinus yuckiness. Took a 3.5 hour nap. Felt a little better. Home teachers came by. Went to Los Hermanos for dinner & went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Went to bed at 3am. (Yikes!)

Friday :: Went to work all day for the last time. Hooray! Went to a ward Thanksgiving dinner. Now, we're laying in bed watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Next up: Throw a few last minute things into the hospital bag, get some shut-eye & get up bright and early to be at the hospital at 5:45am.

What a week! It feels like it was crazier than it sounds when I write it out, but I'm so glad that we're finally here! Tomorrow is the big day & I will certainly post pictures & other fabulousness when I get the chance. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Last Saturday

I have been waiting for this day for a looooooong time.

Today was my last Saturday working full time at my job! And I cannot tell you how happy I am that this day is finally over. Not that I usually wish all of my days away, but photographing appointments back-to-back has become quite the chore these last few weeks. And since Saturdays are usually pretty busy days, that just makes it that much tougher. Last Saturday, I was incredibly sore from all of the shoots that I had; so much so that I couldn't get out of bed on Sunday for half of the day. I was pretty booked today, but my lovely coworker, Selena, took a couple of my appointments in the middle of the day since her outdoor schedule had a large afternoon gap. That, combined with the fact that I knew that this would be my last Saturday, were the only reasons I made it through the day!

Bonus: I still managed to clean a little when I got home! My wonderful husband had done all of the dishes & cleaned the stove, so I proceeded to finish cleaning the rest of the kitchen, including the cupboards.

Time to get a snack & lay in bed watching some sort of chick flick until David gets home from the theatre. Sounds like a plan to me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nine Days & Counting

You had to know that I couldn't just sit here and not be counting the days, right?

Okay, well, as exciting as it is, we are still trying to make the most of each day that we have & enjoy ourselves while still preparing for the happy little change that is soon to come.

Last Tuesday, after finding out our date, I made it our goal that we will get our house in order & get our "to-do" list stuff accomplished this week. As in by Saturday. That's kind of a big task around here since we are always so busy, but it's certainly doable. Tuesday evening, we tackled our living room (leaving out only my two sewing projects) & put together a couple of last minute things in the nursery. Last night, we were both pretty exhausted, but we managed to hang the curtains in the nursery (making it 100% complete!) & I gave David a very-much-needed haircut. Tonight, I'm hoping to either tackle my sewing projects or possibly the bathroom, just depending on what kind of mood I'm in. David will be at the theatre tonight, tomorrow, Saturday & Monday nights, so I'm going to try to get as much done as I can while he's gone. And, of course, since he'll have Saturday during the day to do some things while I'm at work, he'll get a little "to-do" list of his own of things I didn't feel like doing myself. It works out in the end. :)

Next week, the only thing we really have planned is to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). We bought our tickets a while ago, hoping that if we went as soon as we possibly could that we could still see it at the movie theater before the baby arrived. And then, of course, we will be going out on Friday night. I was able to get off at 5pm (the same time as David) so that we could go out to dinner together, after which we imagine that we'll go home & finish packing for the hospital & then turn in nice & early since we have to get up at 4:30am on Saturday morning to get to the hospital by 5:30am.

In the meantime, I'll still be working full-time & David will continue with his regular school & work schedules. I'm hoping that this will help to not have time drag on during this next week & a half. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


All right. Here it is. The final word on what's going on with our little guy.

So I had my 37 week appointment today with my regular doctor, Dr Parker. Just as I suspected, our little boy was still breech, so he presented us with a whole bunch of options as far as what we could do to make sure that he was born safe. Since Dr Parker has been delivering babies well before I was born, he let us know that he'd "seen it all & done it all" & that we could take whichever course we wanted, but let us know the risks & benefits to all of it. When it was all said & done, we decided that we would schedule a day to be admitted into the hospital to see if Dr Parker could get the baby to flip around. I really want to avoid a c-section & this was the best way to try to eliminate that possibility. If he's successful (which has about a 50-60% success rate in first time mothers), then they would go straight ahead with an induction that day. If he's unable to get him to turn around, then they would proceed with the c-section. The nice thing about scheduling this is that they are going to hook me up & get everything ready as if they are going to do a c-section so that if it comes to it, they are already completely prepared for surgery.

And the date that we go in? November 20. That's in 11 days! So crazy! We are really excited, but now that we have a definite date that he's going to come, it makes everything much more real & in-your-face. I have a lot of preparing to do!

That date ends up working out perfectly with my work as well as with when my mom was already scheduled to come out to visit us & with David's work / school schedules. It's nice to not have to worry about the surprise of it all & knowing how things will work out (to a small degree).

We are super excited to meet our little boy so soon! And we can't wait to tell you all about it when he gets here! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Date Night

Tonight, David & I went to a BYU hockey game. His German class got together with a couple of other classes & got a good deal on tickets -- as in only $1 per ticket. :)

Conveniently, we were playing the University of Utah. It was a pretty intense game, as most rival games are. And awesomely enough, we won 4-3. And while we were there, we realized that we actually knew the team captain, as he & his wife used to be in our ward. (And we didn't even know he played hockey at all!)

It was pretty fun. Well, other than the part where a girl in the crowd got pegged in the ear by a stray puck. But we had a really good time, despite the cold & traffic & construction.

Time for sleep now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


...and a little bit of middle-of-the-night heartburn, just for fun. :)

It's not like I don't think that getting up at 3:30am for no apparent reason isn't simply the coolest thing on the planet, but I kinda had my heart set on some sleep. Especially since I worked over 11 hours yesterday, shot six rather exhausting sessions & had a baby head stuck in my ribs the entire time, just for added comfort.

I'm kind of jealous of David right now. Not only because he's asleep & I'm not, but because he can seriously sleep through anything. I mean it. My big, achy pregnant self needs a lot of help these days rolling over in bed & I've been using him as my human lever to make things easier on me (since I know he won't wake up). I will literally grab onto his opposite shoulder & use that to hoist myself over onto my opposite hip. Or, if I'm already facing that way & want to go the other way, I just put my arm against his ribs & push off that way. And he never wakes up. Guess we're both kind of lucky like that. :)

Okay. Here I go attempting to get back to sleep after an hour & a half of lovely awakedness. Good night. Maybe.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby News Update

I had my 36 week doctor's appointment today. I had to schedule it with a different doctor, Dr Young, as my regular doctor, Dr Parker, was gone this week. (There are four physicians in this practice, so this sometimes happens & it's not a big deal.) I saw Dr Young for my 34 week appointment as well for the same reason. Both doctors are pretty nice & know their stuff, so I wasn't worried about it.

Last week, before my 35 week appointment with Dr Parker, I had a Non-Stress Test (NST) done because I hadn't noticed as much movement in the couple of weeks prior. While I was having the test done, Dr Parker came in & visited me to make sure everything was going well because he had an emergency with one of his other patients & needed to leave right before seeing me. (It was pretty good of him to stop by for a minute to check on me, considering he had to leave in such a hurry.) He told me that he'd planned on checking a few things during this appointment, but that I'd have to wait until next week since he wouldn't be able to do it right then. Among those things was checking the baby's position. The baby has been breech during my entire pregnancy & they wanted to make sure he'd turned around before I became full term (at 37 weeks) so that I could deliver him.

Back to today's appointment with Dr Young: I told Dr Young what Dr Parker & I had discussed the week before so that he could check me for the things that Dr Parker planned on checking me for last week. Everything looked pretty normal. At first, when we were talking about the baby's position, he mentioned how it wasn't really something that we needed to worry about until next week (when I became full term), but he did a quick ultrasound in the room to check his position & he was still breech. He told me that I should go home & put a bag of frozen peas on my belly where his head is to get him to flip around. He told me that Dr Parker would check me again next week & see if the baby was still breech. If he is still breech, Dr Parker would then schedule me a day to go to the hospital so that he could do an external cephalic version, where he would manually try to turn the baby around. If that works, they would induce me right then. If it doesn't work, they would do a c-section at that time. Dr Young told me that they usually do this around 38-39 weeks.

Bottom line: Either this little guy flips over in the next week or we will have to schedule his birthday. I'm not opposed to knowing when I'll be having this baby (because I certainly love to be prepared for big things like this), but I really really do not want to have a c-section. I'm hoping that if we do end up having to schedule it that Dr Parker will be able to turn him around.

Hopefully, I'll have more news about this after my appointment next Tuesday morning!