Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby News Update

I had my 36 week doctor's appointment today. I had to schedule it with a different doctor, Dr Young, as my regular doctor, Dr Parker, was gone this week. (There are four physicians in this practice, so this sometimes happens & it's not a big deal.) I saw Dr Young for my 34 week appointment as well for the same reason. Both doctors are pretty nice & know their stuff, so I wasn't worried about it.

Last week, before my 35 week appointment with Dr Parker, I had a Non-Stress Test (NST) done because I hadn't noticed as much movement in the couple of weeks prior. While I was having the test done, Dr Parker came in & visited me to make sure everything was going well because he had an emergency with one of his other patients & needed to leave right before seeing me. (It was pretty good of him to stop by for a minute to check on me, considering he had to leave in such a hurry.) He told me that he'd planned on checking a few things during this appointment, but that I'd have to wait until next week since he wouldn't be able to do it right then. Among those things was checking the baby's position. The baby has been breech during my entire pregnancy & they wanted to make sure he'd turned around before I became full term (at 37 weeks) so that I could deliver him.

Back to today's appointment with Dr Young: I told Dr Young what Dr Parker & I had discussed the week before so that he could check me for the things that Dr Parker planned on checking me for last week. Everything looked pretty normal. At first, when we were talking about the baby's position, he mentioned how it wasn't really something that we needed to worry about until next week (when I became full term), but he did a quick ultrasound in the room to check his position & he was still breech. He told me that I should go home & put a bag of frozen peas on my belly where his head is to get him to flip around. He told me that Dr Parker would check me again next week & see if the baby was still breech. If he is still breech, Dr Parker would then schedule me a day to go to the hospital so that he could do an external cephalic version, where he would manually try to turn the baby around. If that works, they would induce me right then. If it doesn't work, they would do a c-section at that time. Dr Young told me that they usually do this around 38-39 weeks.

Bottom line: Either this little guy flips over in the next week or we will have to schedule his birthday. I'm not opposed to knowing when I'll be having this baby (because I certainly love to be prepared for big things like this), but I really really do not want to have a c-section. I'm hoping that if we do end up having to schedule it that Dr Parker will be able to turn him around.

Hopefully, I'll have more news about this after my appointment next Tuesday morning!


Lanay said...

Tiff~ Dr. Parker delivered Grant by C-Section! He is a great doctor and I really miss him as my OB. Hopefully he flips, but if not you are in the hands of a very capable surgeon!

Tiffany said...

I know! He really is fabulous, so I'm not worried about him doing a good job. I'm just hoping he'll flip around for us! :)

Sarah Ragatz said...

I hope your little guy cooperates for you!

Bre.Red.Mace said...
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Bre.Red.Mace said...

TIFF!!! WOW, lots of news in one visit! Hope your doing okay! Please keep me posted on how things go next week! We very well could be having babies on the same day! My doc says earliest he'll induce me is the 9th which is next Tuesday as well! ;) Can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! GOOD LUCK!!

Jenny said...

Ooooh my Teeef! I hope little Mr. flips for ya! *HUGS* Try to kneel on all fours and hug a medicine ball (while on your knees) if you have access to one. That helps! Don't slouch on a couch - that position is not helpful in this situation! I love you girl!!!!! Flip little buddy flip!!! DO it for Mommy!!! <3