Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Night Home

Last night was the night. Our first night home. In many ways, it was nice. We got home at about 1:30pm, so we had plenty of time to settle in. James slept most of the day away, which naturally meant that he did just the opposite come nighttime.

David & I tried to go to bed at about 9:30pm, which is normally pretty early for us. Of course, rather than anyone getting any sleep, James decided that he wanted to eat, then cuddle, then eat, then cuddle, then eat... you get it. This lasted pretty much all night. Any time we put him down, he protested. Loudly. At about 3am, David decided to fix this cuddling demand by letting him cuddle on us. It made me a little nervous because I didn't want him to roll off or get squished or something, but as soon as David brought him to bed, he knocked right out. After about an hour, I put him back down. And, of course, he again protested. We repeated the cuddling two more times before morning came. And naturally, that's when I fed him, changed him & he went right to sleep. Crazy kid.

So overall, I think I got about 2 hours of disjointed sleep. And now? He's sleeping on our bed & has been for most of the day. We've got to reverse this pattern. :)

It's been a joy to have him in our home, though. And all of our friends & neighbors have been very generous to us as well. Last night, our neighbors Jeff & Jackie Crane brought us a delicious dinner of taco soup & cornbread muffins. Later that night, we were contacted by two more of our neighbors to see if they could bring by dinner for tonight & Friday night. Today, yet another person called to make sure that we had dinners taken care of for the week. It's been really wonderful to know that so many people care & were thinking about us.

And to top everything off, both of our mothers are coming out to spend time with us & to help us take care of James in the coming weeks. We are really excited to see them & even more excited to know that decent sleep might be in our future!


Sarah Ragatz said...

James is absolutely adorable. You must be exhausted.'re sleeping in the day when he sleeps, right?

Jordan and Amanda said...

I wish I was there to see him... He's SOO cute! I hope you're recovering well.

Tiffany said...

I tried sleeping when he did & was not successful today. :( We'll have to work on that.