Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Little Champ

James has been quite the little "champ", as I like to call him. He's only been around for two and a half days & has been doing so well. So far, he's been a pretty good sleeper. I've had to wake him up to eat a few times. We're also just starting to get the hang of this whole nursing business. We had to use a little bit of formula to keep his blood sugar up, but he's been doing great & I think we're both starting to get much more comfortable with his feedings. He also doesn't fuss too much unless you are messing with him (as in trying to change him or re-swaddle him or something). And he absolutely loves to snuggle!

His personality so far is pretty mellow, but he makes the most hilarious facial expressions; many of which make him look exactly like his daddy!

A lot of the medical personnel that we've had help from can't seem to tell us enough just how adorable he is (& I'm sure they've seen their fair share of less-than-adorable babies).

He is truly a blessing to have around. I know that things will change as he grows & that he may not always be easy, but I'm going to enjoy this now while I've got it.

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