Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank Heavens for Grandmas

I absolutely love my mom! It's been so wonderful to have her here these past couple of days. I didn't realize how nice the extra help would be until I actually got it. :)

She has helped us with cooking & cleaning & taking James so that we can take naps. She has also chauffeured me around town so that I can get a few errands accomplished (since I can't drive again yet). And it's been nice that David has been home for the holiday weekend, meaning that while my mom plays chauffeur to me, David can stay home with James since I don't plan to take him out into public during this cold season if I don't have to.

My mom will be here until Saturday. After that, David's mom plans on coming out to stay with us for two weeks. We are really blessed to have such giving families.

Thank heavens for grandmas. :)

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