Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Reading List

I guess you could consider this my New Year's resolution. I love books. I love owning books & I love reading books. I often buy books that I'd like to read & either start but not finish (for one reason or another) or I just won't get around to reading them at all. The latter tends to happen when I buy multiple books at the same time & only get around to reading one or two of them. Needless to say, I have a good number of books that I've never read (or read all the way through).

Additionally, I married into an equally large book collection. There are two nice things about David's book collection... 1) half of his books are in German, so I don't have to feel guilty about never having read them and 2) his books are completely different from mine, so we have quite the diverse library. Actually, when we got married, we only had three books in common -- The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Atlas Shrugged & Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (We kept both Shakespeare books & gave HP7 to David's mom. Atlas Shrugged is still up for grabs if anybody wants it.)

Anyway, back to my original point. Since I'm going to be spending so much more time at home now, rather than wasting it away by watching something on TV or playing around on the computer, I've decided to give myself a reading list for the upcoming year.

I chose 27 different books that I've either never read, never read all the way through or have read but I feel I need to read again (for whatever reason). And I should have just under two weeks to read each book. I'm sure I won't need that much time for most of them, but some of them are thicker than others, so I think this should even out well enough. And I have plenty more books that I could add to the list if I should finish earlier than expected.

I also wanted to make sure that my selections were well-rounded, so I broke up my choices into four categories: 1) religious books, 2) self-help or motivational books, 3) literature and 4) stuff I want to read just for fun or entertainment.

I also posted my reading list into my sidebar so that you can follow along in my reading adventure, if you'd like. I'm sure I'll also make occasional blog posts about what I'm reading or how my goal is progressing. I'm actually quite excited about this. So excited, in fact, that I'm going to start now rather than wait until January 1st, because who knows what will happen to my motivation by then if I don't start while I feel the burning desire to do so.

So, without further ado, here is my reading list for the upcoming year. I put a few notes in about why I chose to read certain selections as well, in case you are interested!

* * *

2011 Reading List


* Believing Christ :: Stephen E Robinson

* A Marvelous Work and a Wonder :: LeGrand Richards

* Jesus the Christ :: James E Talmage

* The Great Apostasy :: James E Talmage

* The Holy Temple :: Boyd K Packer

* Standing for Something :: Gordon B Hinckley

* Yearning for the Living God :: F Enzio Busche


* The Nursing Mother’s Companion :: Kathleen Huggins

* Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child :: Marc Weissbluth

* Babyproofing Your Marriage :: Stacie Cockrell, Cathy O’Neill & Julia Stone

(^I've already read this one, but it was at the beginning of my pregnancy, so I feel like I could do with a refresher now that I actually have a use for this information.)

* The One Minute Manager :: Caitlin Friedman & Kimberly Yorio

(^I've read parts of this.)

* The Secret :: Rhonda Byrne

(^I've already read this one too, but I remember feeling incredible once I finished it, so it got a place on the list!)

* Finding the Love of Your Life :: Neil Clark Warren

(^Also read this, but it was waaaaay back in the day. It was actually a book I had to buy for one of my lower level Marriage & Family classes at BYU. I thought it would be fun to revisit after all this time.)


* The Hobbit :: J R R Tolkien

(^Never read any of Tolkien's work, but I've heard good things about this book, so I thought I'd give it a try. This was one of David's.)

* The Picture of Dorian Gray :: Oscar Wilde

* Little Women :: Louisa May Alcott

(^David had to buy this book for one of his classes this semester & I've always wanted to read it.)

* The Purgatorio :: Dante Alighieri

* The Paradiso :: Dante Alighieri

* Hamlet :: William Shakespeare

(^I've read some of Shakespeare's work, but not this one. This will be an adventure, I'm sure!)

Just for Fun

* The Host :: Stephenie Meyer

* Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret :: Obert Skye

* Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want :: Obert Skye

* The Dark is Rising Series :: Susan Cooper

- Over Sea, Under Stone

- The Dark is Rising

- Greenwitch

- The Grey King

- Silver on the Tree


Jordan and Amanda said...

I love your reading list, particularily the self-help books. I've already read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it's SUPER good. Try to read it before James is 4 months old, that's when I think it'll be the most help, although there are some principles I use now to help Clara sleep.

I also want to read baby-proofing your marriage, how awesome! Let me know how the leven-thumbs books are, I've thought about reading them but never got around to it.

Also, I LOVE re-reading Harry Potter, the whole series when it's been longer than a year. Thought I might suggest it! Have fun! (And know I am being lazy, sitting on my butt with a baby too...)

BUSNINJA said...

I LOVE James E. Talmage. Just not the building named after him at BYU . . . also, Believing Christ is excellent and eye-opening.

I also really enjoyed "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Hamlet", on the not-so-Mormon side. Hope you have time to read all your heart desires.