Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Pictures

Hooray! We finally had our first set of family pictures taken! We went to Fotogenix to have them done & one of my coworkers, Selena, took them for us. And I must say, she did a most fabulous job! I'm really happy with them.

And since David's mom was staying with us at the time, we decided to have a few done with her in them as well.

Three Generations
* * *

James & Grandma
* * *

This one is my favorite. :)
* * *

While we were at it, I had Selena take some photos of James to mark his one month birthday (if you can call it a birthday). I love, love, LOVE these!

And here is James with his Pooh hat & blanket that he got from his Great-Grandma Tertipes.
* * *

He is the most handsome little guy & makes for some good wall decorations in our apartment. :)


Megan said...

The ones in the crocheted outfit are so tender.

Jessica Havican said...


Araignée said...

Congrats! You've got a keeper!