Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Being Lazy

Aside from learning how to best care for my new baby boy, my newest goal is to figure out how to not feel like I'm being completely lazy all day long.

Obviously, I'm not just refusing to be productive. Taking care of James is a lot of work, as I knew it would be, but I'm starting to feel like my butt is glued down for most of the day. And James has just started getting into this phase where he is only content for about five minutes before he starts to screech. And when I say screech, I mean it. We have affectionately dubbed his screech "the pterodactyl scream". And that's exactly what he sounds like if he doesn't immediately get his cuddles. Or his food. He can hang out in a dirty diaper for a little while (without us knowing, of course... we don't just let our child wallow in his own filth), but once he gets sick of it, out comes the pterodactyl. And since he needs to eat every three hours at this point & it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to nurse him, I rarely have time to shower or grab food or pee. I actually just realized today that I hadn't had a shower since Saturday. Gross. (And yes, I did get time to shower today!)

Anyway, I'm trying to make it a goal to accomplish something... anything... during the day. I wasn't too successful today. I did hang up a little bit of laundry, but that's it. The rest of my time was spent sitting on my butt watching 24 & messing around on Facebook. But I guess since I was nursing or soothing this little guy the whole time, I wasn't actually quite as lazy as this makes me sound.

Boy, my butt is numb.


Lanay said...

Boy you just described my life when I had Grant then Jonas. It's a tough job, but it's the best one! Things will get better where you can have a life again I promis! Love you bunches!

Lisa Summerhays said...

Don't worry. Soon you'll be constantly up moving about to keep him out of things such as the toilet with the bath toys. :)

The nursing period is frustrating since you have to sit every few hours for an hour and showering is crazy hard to get time to do. I use to put Mallory in her bouncy seat in the bathroom with me and sometimes she'd be crying but somethings are a necessity.

Even if you are smelly enjoy it. Once they get William's age they don't cuddle unless extremely tired...unless you're extra lucky.

Tiffany said...

I put James in his swing in the bathroom when showering too & sometimes he protests quite loudly!