Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabulous Photo Shoot

As some of you may already know, I occasionally volunteer to do photo shoots of interviewees for an online magazine called Mormon Artist. After a long break due to being very pregnant & having a baby, I finally volunteered to do another photo shoot for them, which I did this afternoon.

This photo shoot was of the well-known & much-loved LDS songwriter and composer Janice Kapp Perry, who, consequently, is probably the nicest person on the entire planet. We had so much fun doing these pictures! We chatted about everything from our children to her love for super sharp pencils. At the end of it all, she thanked me for the good time that we had & gave me two of her CDs -- one was for James "to enjoy when he gets older" of children's songs & the other one, her newest release, was for me for volunteering to do this for her. It was a really wonderful gesture! She also took my phone number so that she could contact me if she should want to use any of my pictures for anything in the future. I have to admit, that part made me feel pretty fabulous. :)

As far as the pictures themselves, I am pretty pleased with the way that they turned out. One of the main reasons that I like to volunteer for Mormon Artist is because I love having the opportunity to improve aspects of my photography that I don't get to focus on while working at the studio. One thing I really want to improve on is using natural light indoors & that's what this shoot was all about. I knew it would be, so I did a little extra research before going because I wanted to do a really good job. Like I said, I'm pleased with how they turned out, so I must share a few of my favorites with you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Fat Boy!

James had his two month checkup today. And, of course, he got weighed.

Drumroll... ... ... ... ... ... ... 9 lbs 8.5 oz!

Okay, so I know that most babies his age weigh much more than that, but for James, we're doing awesome! He's in the 10th percentile for weight, which despite sounding super low, is better than the 5th percentile he was in last time. He also got measured & is 23.25 inches long, going from being in the 10th percentile for length to the 60th! Super! I'm pretty sure that this is why he still looks so skinny. He's starting to move up into his 0-3 month size onesies, but his skinny little belly can't handle 0-3 month size pants yet, so he's still wearing newborn pants.

He also had his two month vaccinations today. Poor guy! I've never heard a baby scream in pain like that & it made me want to cry for him. He did fall asleep on the way home, so I was able to stop by the store to pick up some baby Tylenol just in case he gets a fever. He's still sleeping it off. And to top that off, he also has a little cough. :(

However, as a bonus, he does have a Tweety Bird bandaid on one thigh and an Iron Man bandaid on the other. :)

James' Two Month Pictures

I know that I have already posted these on Facebook for all to see, but here are James' two month portraits for your viewing pleasure!

* * *

Our little Buckeye.
* * *

In his blessing outfit.
* * *

* * *

* * *

Still has big ol' feet.
* * *

His eyes look handsome here!
* * *

* * *

Sooo sleepy...
* * *

Snuggling with Lenny the Lamb.
* * *

My little man is getting so big! I love him!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bad Mom Days

I'm sure that nearly everyone has had a "bad mom day" now & then.

I haven't had very many of these days, but they've happened. I'm not sure why, though. I mean, my little dude is only two months old. How badly can you screw up with a two month old? It's not like he'll remember your new-parent idiocy & hold it against you for the rest of his childhood.

There was one day last week where I had an insanely hard day with him. All he seemed to want to do was cry, not sleep & be held. I broke down into tears no fewer than three times that day & never managed to get dressed.

Then there are days like today. James was a complete angel. He took great naps, stayed happy in his swing all through my shower and through washing dishes, he took on tummy time like a champ three different times & was just all around pleasant.

It's days like today that make the "bad mom days" seem so much less scary. Obviously I'm not completely screwing up this kid. Not yet, anyway. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Smiles & Such

I've been trying for quite some time to capture James' cute little grin & I think I finally did it! Hooray!

Cutest boy on the planet. That's all I have to say. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

James' Baby Blessing

Today was James' baby blessing at church. It was a really wonderful experience. Since we don't have any family in the area that could share this day with us, we invited a few close friends to come & participate in James' blessing. David also invited to other elders who are currently serving with him in his Elder's Quorum Presidency to take part. Afterward, we had a lunch at our apartment to celebrate.

Here, you can see James & his daddy. James is sporting his super attractive sweater-cape made by his Grandma Atwell. It wasn't made specifically for this occasion, but we felt like it fit, so we decided to deck him out all fancy-like.

Today must have been pretty exhausting for the both of them, seeing as how they are both completely out right now -- one right next to me & one snuggled right up against me.

I love my boys.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I need one of these!

If I have to keep holding that stinkin' pacifier in his mouth much longer, I think I'll go nuts. Seriously.

I'm on a mission.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brand New Stuff

It's a brand new year with our brand new family and little James is constantly doing brand new stuff.

He started smiling more regularly. It hasn't been a whole lot, but for the past week, I've caught him smiling at least once a day. It isn't prompted by anything yet -- it completely happens at random -- but it's still pretty stinkin' cute. I've been trying to get a picture or video of his cute little grin to share, but since they're so random & fleeting, I still have yet to capture it!

He keeps growing like a good little boy, too! We graduated out of premie diapers last week & into the newborn size. At 5.5 weeks, he finally grew out of premies? Someone has a skinny little bum. (No joke.) His little white newborn size onesies are starting to get a little snug, so I'm sure he'll be out of those soon, too. (The rest of his newborn size clothing fits just great, though!) I guess I'm just getting excited about this since we've been doing everything possible to make sure that he gains the right amount of weight considering that he didn't gain any for his first two weeks of life. It's a little sad, too. My baby boy is getting bigger!

A couple of weeks ago, we also noticed that James had what looked like baby acne. After a few days, I called his pediatrician's office & talked to a nurse. I described what his face looked like & she assured me that it was just baby acne & that it would go away all on its own. Then I took him in to get weighed the following week. (He gained a whole pound in two weeks! Woo!) His face had gotten worse & it started to look like he was having some sort of allergic reaction. His skin was getting redder, the bumps were getting closer together, it started traveling down his neck & his brow line started looking dry & crusty. She had me see one of the other pediatricians in the office (as his doctor wasn't in) & he told me that it was a common newborn rash that isn't harmful & would go away by the time he's about 3 months old. So no biggie. He just looks like a little crust ball. :) It's actually started to get better already, so I'm sure he'll be fine.

We had a nice three day weekend together this past weekend. Now that I don't work on Saturdays (& David hasn't for quite some time), we were able to spend all day Saturday, Sunday & yesterday together as a family.

School started back up for BYU today. David only has classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, so he doesn't technically start classes until tomorrow. However, he works all day on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so he started his new job today. Well, it's sort of a new job. His previous job position is relocating to Salt Lake & will no longer be a student position, so BYU offered to transfer these affected employees to other on-campus jobs at their current pay rates so that they didn't all become unemployed due to the transition. David's new job is basically the same as his old one, but instead of doing technical support for Church employees & volunteers, he'll be doing the same thing for BYU students & faculty members. We're very grateful that he was able to keep his current pay rate. He had his previous position for three years. If BYU hadn't been generous in that way, David would have had to have taken a serious pay cut since he would have had to start from the bottom all over again.

Also, I know I mentioned this before, but we talked to our Bishop & decided to have James' baby blessing on Sunday, January 16th. Both David & I have this feeling about baby blessing outfits -- you know, the white silky formal ones (like this one). We're really not that into them. So we bought a little outfit for him yesterday at Wal-Mart. For $5. And it's blue, not white. It's a pretty basic, normal-looking baby outfit. We didn't want to spend $40-$50 on a not-so-attractive formal outfit that he will only wear for a couple of hours (if that). Anyway, we are pretty excited for this. We don't have any family members who can participate in his blessing, so we've invited some close friends to do so. This should be a really special event for our family.

Anyway, that was kind of a lot of "new stuff". I'm sure we've got more stuff, but I can't give you all the good stuff in one blog post. You'd stop reading my blog. Plus, I can't think of anything else right now. :)