Sunday, January 16, 2011

James' Baby Blessing

Today was James' baby blessing at church. It was a really wonderful experience. Since we don't have any family in the area that could share this day with us, we invited a few close friends to come & participate in James' blessing. David also invited to other elders who are currently serving with him in his Elder's Quorum Presidency to take part. Afterward, we had a lunch at our apartment to celebrate.

Here, you can see James & his daddy. James is sporting his super attractive sweater-cape made by his Grandma Atwell. It wasn't made specifically for this occasion, but we felt like it fit, so we decided to deck him out all fancy-like.

Today must have been pretty exhausting for the both of them, seeing as how they are both completely out right now -- one right next to me & one snuggled right up against me.

I love my boys.

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