Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 13 :: This Week

Since yesterday was a holiday, David didn't have school or work (since he works for BYU), so we had a nice, relaxing day. We got a little bit of cleaning done & started watching 24: Season 8 on Netflix. I work Monday & Friday evenings, so I still went into work for a few hours in the evening. David took me into work so that he could have the car to bring James into the studio once my shift was over & I could take his three month pictures (which you can see in my previous post). He did a fabulous job for David while I was away & during his photo shoot!

That's today. So far, James & I have taken a little nap. About ten minutes ago, Matthew came over & now we're all chillin' here together. David gets home at 2pm today (due to having Monday classes today because of yesterday's holiday), so I'm hoping that, together, we can get some other things checked off of my To Do List.

I don't have anything especially fabulous planned for tomorrow other than to hang out with my little man. One thing from my list that I would like to get done is my mending. David has some new pants that I need to hem, plus a few shirts that I'm going to attempt to patch & see if they can be salvaged well or not. That's my goal.

Again, nothing big planned except to go visiting teaching that afternoon.

I work again on Friday evening, after which David, James & I are going to a friends house for a fun get-together. A couple of our friends are moving to California very soon & we're having a little bash to send them off properly!

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