Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 17 :: Your Favorite Birthday

This one is EASY.

David proposed to me on my 27th birthday. (This, consequently, is his excuse for not trying to "outdo himself" when it comes to my birthdays since he obviously can never top it.)

I could stop right there, but I'll go ahead & briefly tell you about this fabulous birthday in a little more detail...

I took the day off of work, but David still had school or work or something, so I had to wait allllll daaaaaaay for him to get home. I can't remember every single little detail of this day anymore, but what ended up happening was that David & I went for a walk down Seven Peaks Boulevard. This particular walk was right near our apartment complex & we'd taken many walks down this way before. Along this path was a very large buckeye tree. As I'm from Ohio, I became good friends with this buckeye tree that we'd often pass by on our walks. Anyway, so we took our walk & David took my down to our "special tree". First, he busts out some roses from his satchel (which was kind of impressive because he successfully hid roses in his man bag. Who seriously can pull that off?). Then he gives me a birthday card. So far so good. But inside of this card was a folded up piece of paper. I open the paper & it's got this comic on it.

Here is the comic:

(Only David could use a comic as a precursor to a marriage proposal.) Below this comic was written some lyrics to a mushy love song that we liked. When he could tell that I was done reading it, he asked me to marry him.

And that was that.

Best. Birthday. EVER.

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