Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 2 :: First Love

Josh Miller.

Josh was my high school boyfriend for a year and a half (which is a pretty long time when you're in high school, honestly).

I met Josh when my family joined the Church. Since I met him when I was 15 & you are asked to wait until you are 16 to begin dating, we didn't start "going out" (as the young folk like to call it) until 6 months after we met. Our first real date was when he asked me to go to a Homecoming dance. Since we went to different high schools, I didn't know anyone there except for the two other girls from church that went to high school with him as well. I actually kind of liked it that way, though. It felt like I could start fresh with new friends.

Story Break! There was this one time when my mom picked my brother & me up from an activity at the church building & she offered to give Josh a ride home, too. For whatever reason, she asked us if we wanted to go to Pizza Hut & said that Josh could come with us, too. (Hooray for pizza!) When we got there & were seated, there was this guy who worked there who came up to our table, claiming that he knew me from somewhere. I had no idea who he was (& I've always been really good at remembering people) & I told him so. He came back again later, still talking to me & swearing that he knew me from somewhere. Well, apparently this exchange made everyone think that he was hitting on me. (I just thought he was being a weirdo.) The next time he came back to our table & started talking to me, Josh nonchalantly put his arm around my shoulders. He just kind of got this slightly embarrassed look on his face, finished what he was saying & left. And he didn't come back over. Everyone thought it was hilarious because I guess having Josh hang out with my family made him look like my brother rather than my boyfriend. I felt a little sheepish because I'd never had a guy outwardly hit on me before. And it made Josh feel pretty awesome to have someone flirt with his girlfriend right in front of him. Um... anyway, good story. Story Break Over!

Anyway, the rest of this story is kind of a bummer. We were nearing the end of our senior year when Josh started to ask me if I would wait for him when he went on his mission. I didn't tell him no, but 17-year-old me couldn't tell him yes, either. We stopped dating three months before graduation. Josh actually stopped going to church shortly after that because of a falling out that he had with his family & consequently never went on his mission. See? Bummer.

On the bright side, I met one of my best friends, Diana, because of dating Josh. She is his oldest sister & we still remain good friends to this day. Hooray for happiness! :)

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