Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 3 :: Your Parents

My Parents

This is the most recent picture of my whole family; my dad, mom, brother & me. It was taken at my brother's wedding in October of 2009. The weird thing is that my parents have been divorced for the past 19 years & I truly cannot recall the last time we had a picture taken with all 4 of us. One thing can be said for my parents -- they were always civil with one another in front of my brother & me.

So, here is a little bit about my parents:

My Dad

Name: Daniel
Birthday: 21 March 1958
Bio: Lives with his wife & her daughter in Lincolnton, NC. Works as an auto mechanic. Was once offered a job on the pit crew of a very popular (now retired) NASCAR driver.

This part is a little harder for me because I had a pretty strained relationship with my dad for quite some time up until recently, but I still want this to be a positive post.

There were multiple events that helped us on our way, but the defining moment was when my father spoke at my brother's wedding. After the best man's speech at the reception, my dad went up to the microphone, unprompted, & starting talking about how proud he was of both my brother & I. To make a long story short, he mentioned how he realized how much he missed in our lives & how proud he was of the both of us. It was really kind of a neat moment, especially since I had cousins & other family members there who were not too pleased about seeing my dad since he decided not to come to my wedding the year before. (That's another long story for another day.) Since then, my dad has joined Facebook, which, despite how lame it might sound, has helped us stay in touch better.

My Mom

Name: Burnita, or "Bonnie"
Birthday: 15 October 1959
Bio: Lives with her sister in Westerville, OH. Absolutely loves suspense & horror films. Former model.

My mom is, by far, the most fabulous person I have ever known. She was only 2.5 years older than I am now when she had to start raising 2 children on her own. I know that this couldn't have been easy for her, but what I remember most was how she worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time, took classes to earn her degree & still found time to attend many of our band concerts & sporting events. I still have this hilarious (& very sweet) image in my head from our high school marching band days of my mom sitting in the bleachers at a nighttime football game with her big ol' tote bag full of H&R Block homework because I asked her to attend this particular game. And even though she had a lot of homework to do & could have feasibly told us no, she came anyway. She always put us first & did everything with a big smile on her face. If I could even be half as good of a mother to James as she was to us, I will consider myself extremely fortunate.


Lisa Summerhays said...

I love your mom. She looks great in those photos too! She is pretty much the coolest ever...and makes delicious food!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Huh, you dad lives like 45 min. from me! I had no idea. I've enjoyed the past couple days' posts!