Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 5 :: Your Definition of Love

I guess it's fitting that this post should fall on Valentine's Day.

Love has many different faces, as most of us know, so I just thought I would share a few recent examples of how others have shown their love for me through kind acts.

* Today, my fabulous friend, Lisa, stopped by to lend me her baby carriers & gave me a delicious Valentine's Day treat of homemade cookies & chocolate milk.

* My neighbor, Kayleen, offered to watch James for an hour so that I could do my most recent Mormon Artist photo shoot & my friend, Jennifer, volunteered to watch him for a couple of hours so that David & I could attend the temple together.

* My brother, Tony, called me earlier this week because he wanted to let me know that he borrowed a Pack 'n Play from one of his friends for James to use when we go to Ohio in a few weeks. He said that he was cleaning it up & everything so that it'd be all ready to use when we get there.

* Today, David helped my bathe James, after which he got him all ready for bed while I got to take a nice, relaxing shower.

I know there are plenty more examples of how fabulous the people in my life are, but at least this gives you an idea. Happy Valentine's Day!

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