Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 6 :: Your Day

My day was pretty normal. I hung out with James for most of the day & also watched Matthew, a friend's little boy, for five hours while David was at work. During that time, my friend Thuy came over for a little while. (It was so nice to have company!) After David got home, I was tired of being in the house all day, so we went to Target because we needed to buy diapers & wipes. Super exciting outing, I know! Now, we're at home. David is in the bedroom doing his homework while I hang out with James some more & watch Lost.

James hanging out with his pal, Matthew.
(He is only 5 days older than James.)

This picture was taken yesterday.

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Jessica Havican said...

Sometimes those diaper/grocery runs save my sanity. I feel ya girl!