Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Mommy

I've been a bad mommy blogger.

Actually, I went to post sometime a couple of weeks ago when we got this cute video of James eating solids for the first time, but it kept giving me errors, so I kind of gave up.

No worries. Here's a cute picture of our little dude trying to feed himself some delicious carrots.

And I promise that I will try to be a much better mommy blogger. I'm thinking that this blog needs a facelift anyway. I'll get crackin' on that right now.


Jamie Caitlin said...

Tiffany, that picture is FANTASTIC. :)


Jessica Havican said...

Love those kinds of pics! you are such a nice mommy to let him feed himself at this age. i still get frustrated when Janen takes forever to feed herself and then ends up just playing with it. Especially since I worry every day about her getting the nutrients she needs since she's anemic. He's probably going to learn to spoon-feed himself pretty soon here if you keep that up! ;)