Thursday, July 28, 2011

Escape Artist

I thought I heard a little squeak coming from the other room. (This isn't the first time that I've walked in on a scene like this.)

Note: That loud sound in the background is the vacuum. We sometimes use it to help him fall asleep if he's having a particularly hard time doing so.


Sarah Ragatz said...

First of all, I think James is adorable! looks like he's going to have the same weird habit my girls had of gnawing on the crib. Once they get teeth they'll chip the paint away. I thought you might like to know you can buy these nice plastic teething covers to put on the edge of the crib (right where he was gnawing) to save the aesthetics! I wish I had known about it before Emmalynne turned her crib ugly.

Tiffany Tertipes said...

Thanks! I will definitely look at getting those for his crib before his teeth come in! :)