Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Sort of Biggish News

We have sort of biggish news for you.

No, we're not pregnant. (You were thinking it, weren't you?) We're moving to Ohio at the end of January.

We are super excited about this! Originally, our plan was to have David apply to a few schools for his Master's program, wait to see where he was accepted & then make our decision as to where we would move. However, a couple of weeks ago, we were both feeling like it was time for us to move & that we needed to act on that immediately. We both had been feeling like Ohio State was the place for David & that waiting around here in Provo would be like putting our lives on hold. I know that it might seem presumptuous to assume that he'll get into his first choice school, but we definitely feel like Ohio is the place for us right now. If he doesn't get in to OSU, he'll work for a year & we'll apply again to other schools.

At any rate, this is our plan. Only 5.5 more weeks left in Provo!


ronniea said...

I'm very sad you are leaving us :( But I'm excited for your guys and your next big adventure! You will take the midwest by storm :)

Jessica Havican said...

Must feel so good to be working towards something! I am excited for your new adventures!!

Mimi said...

I have to admit, I did think you were pregnant. I guess that is the mentality around here. LOL. Anywho...I am so excited that you get move to Ohio! What a fun and new adventure.