Monday, January 30, 2012

Setting Up Shop

Today, I finally did it.  I finally finished up my personal photography website and my official photography Facebook page.

Here are the links:

I had been trying for a while to get my business set up, but with moving and such, things just hadn't been coming together.  Since I've had a little bit of time to relax since being here in Illinois with David's family, I've been able to set up my Facebook business page and polish my website.  Woo hoo!

Feel free to take a look at them!  I will also welcome any and all feedback that you may have for me.  I want to make them as fabulous as possible!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Four More Days

Only four more days left in Utah.

Seems so crazy.  I've lived here for the past 12.5 years.  I've had the same job for the last 6.5 years.  I've been wanting to move out of Utah ever since David & I got married.  I am seriously excited to be moving on, but it's still bittersweet.

I won't be able to see the gorgeous mountains everyday.  I'm leaving all of the wonderful friends that I've made here.  I'll have to find a new mechanic for our car & a new pediatrician for my son.

Everything is changing, but it's so exciting.

In Ohio, I'll be able to see my family regularly, rather than once or twice a year.  We'll finally be able to attend church at 9am instead of 1:30pm.  (I can't tell you how excited I am for that one!) Most of all, I'm really excited about venturing out & going where the Lord wants us to go.  So many blessings have come our way in order to make this move possible.  When we first decided to move (& do so right away), we had no idea how we could make it happen, but the Lord has had a plan for us all along.  He has provided the means & support that we have needed in order to do this; for that, I am so grateful.

I will miss Utah (somewhat), but this will be a truly great adventure!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bank Holidays + Fotogenix = Mega Disasters

Labor Day, 2007:  I got a call that morning (which was my long-awaited day off for that week) from my boss saying that I needed to go into work because there was a major catastrophe.  The University Mall, where our studio was then located, had suffered from some serious structural and water damage due to the main water line bursting underneath the mall.

Why did I have to come in, you ask?

a.)  I was the store manager at the time.
b.)  That main water line ran right underneath the entire length of our store.

It pretty much destroyed our entire store.  The walls had shifted and cracked due to the fact that the floor above the water main was completely buckled up and we ended up having to move to a different location outside of the mall so that they could tear it down and rebuild.  Awesome.

Fast forward...

MLK Day, 2012:  I get to work a little bit early and see that there is a portrait order laying flat on the floor in a really random spot.  As I walk over to see what it is and why it's lying there, I feel a pretty heavy draft.  I look around the counter, only to find this:


Honestly, my first thought was, "Holy crap!"  After calling the police, I got to thinking about it and realized that that glass was some seriously heavy duty stuff, double paned and is tinted from the outside.  Whoever did this had to have known what they were doing or what they were after.  The officer who responded seemed to be thinking the same thing.  He fingerprinted the till drawer and called the owner to speak with him, but other than that, there wasn't much else that could be done.  Whoever broke in was really only after the cash.  They didn't take any equipment or anything else.


So I'm photographing a session later on in the day, after the craziness of the break-in has died down, only to have the shutter on our camera (translation: our only camera) start going haywire on me.  I made it through just fine, with only a couple of ruined images.  No biggie.  A coworker of mine also successfully photographed another session right after that without any problems.  However, when I went to photograph my last session of the day, the shutter completely went out.  I felt so bad because there was nothing that I could do and we didn't have another camera in the studio at that time (as one is in the shop being fixed and cleaned right now).  I told the client, who was really nice about the whole situation, that we might have to reschedule.  It turned out that she came all the way from Vernal (about 2 hours away), so I told her that if she'd wait for about 20-30 minutes, I could run home and grab my personal camera to finish her session, for which she was very grateful.  Everything turned out fine.

And after nearly 10 hours of insanity, I'm finally home.

If I never, ever, ever, ever, ever have another day like that, I won't be too sad.


Things that have made me cry in the past two days:

1.  Saying goodbye (in anticipation of our upcoming move) to one of my bestest girlfriends on the whole planet.
2.  Making a comment in Sunday School.
3.  Reading Breaking Dawn.

(Don't you judge me for that last one.)

I think I'm just getting overly emotional from all of the stress & anticipation of everything that's happening / about to happen.  I'm very excited about everything, but it whacking out my mood.

Also, I am quite sad (to the point of wanting to cry a little) about the prospect of James not being able to go to nursery right away in our new ward in Ohio.  Our current ward is a married student ward, which means that most of the babies are just that, babies who are too young to leave their parents for any length of time.  In our ward, James became one of the oldest kids about 2 months ago, right around the time that he turned one.  There's one family who has a 4-year-old son (who consequently attends our primary/nursery combo situation), but other than that, there are no other kids over 18 months.  This poor 4-year-old was super sad that he was suddenly all alone when a bunch of families moved at semester's end, so the then-Primary president asked James & another little boy (who is only 5 days older than James) if they wanted to start attending nursery so that this 4-year-old boy had a little bit of company.  It has been fantastic!  James absolutely loves it!  He happily goes in, starts playing right away without a second look back at us.  When we come to pick him up nearly 2 hours later, he's happy to see us & comes right to me.  I always ask how he did & the wonderful Primary workers have had nothing but very positive things to say about him.

Also, we've become quite spoiled.  It has been so nice to be able to sit through church & actually learn something rather than playing Baby Wrangler for 3 hours.  How can I go back?  And for another four months until he's officially old enough?  I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am at this prospect.  Any of you who have spent more than 30 seconds around my son know of his desperate need to roam wild & free.  Keeping him happy during sacrament meeting is a tricky enough task by itself.  Having to revert back to keeping him with me for the whole 3 hours could be disastrous.

My plan is to talk to (or possibly bribe) the Primary president or nursery workers to see if there is any way they might let him keep going.  It's worth a shot, right?  I have a super social, super active, super loving little guy who hates being cooped up or made to hold still.  He does a fabulous job in nursery, so I'm hoping that there will be room for him there (just a few months earlier), too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I always seem to feel a little behind everyone else on the whole New Year thing since most of my family & many of my friends live in the East.  Getting most of my "Happy New Year!" texts just after 10pm allows me to ponder all of the things that I have to be thankful for in the coming year.  One such thing is our upcoming move to Columbus.

Only 26 more days until we leave Provo.

Exactly one month from today, we get to move into our new place.

Now that it's officially January, the pressure of everything that we have to do before moving is starting to seem much more real.  I do love it, though.  I always seem to kick into gear when the pressure is on.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this busy month will lead up to a big adventure for our family in 2012!