Monday, January 16, 2012


Things that have made me cry in the past two days:

1.  Saying goodbye (in anticipation of our upcoming move) to one of my bestest girlfriends on the whole planet.
2.  Making a comment in Sunday School.
3.  Reading Breaking Dawn.

(Don't you judge me for that last one.)

I think I'm just getting overly emotional from all of the stress & anticipation of everything that's happening / about to happen.  I'm very excited about everything, but it whacking out my mood.

Also, I am quite sad (to the point of wanting to cry a little) about the prospect of James not being able to go to nursery right away in our new ward in Ohio.  Our current ward is a married student ward, which means that most of the babies are just that, babies who are too young to leave their parents for any length of time.  In our ward, James became one of the oldest kids about 2 months ago, right around the time that he turned one.  There's one family who has a 4-year-old son (who consequently attends our primary/nursery combo situation), but other than that, there are no other kids over 18 months.  This poor 4-year-old was super sad that he was suddenly all alone when a bunch of families moved at semester's end, so the then-Primary president asked James & another little boy (who is only 5 days older than James) if they wanted to start attending nursery so that this 4-year-old boy had a little bit of company.  It has been fantastic!  James absolutely loves it!  He happily goes in, starts playing right away without a second look back at us.  When we come to pick him up nearly 2 hours later, he's happy to see us & comes right to me.  I always ask how he did & the wonderful Primary workers have had nothing but very positive things to say about him.

Also, we've become quite spoiled.  It has been so nice to be able to sit through church & actually learn something rather than playing Baby Wrangler for 3 hours.  How can I go back?  And for another four months until he's officially old enough?  I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am at this prospect.  Any of you who have spent more than 30 seconds around my son know of his desperate need to roam wild & free.  Keeping him happy during sacrament meeting is a tricky enough task by itself.  Having to revert back to keeping him with me for the whole 3 hours could be disastrous.

My plan is to talk to (or possibly bribe) the Primary president or nursery workers to see if there is any way they might let him keep going.  It's worth a shot, right?  I have a super social, super active, super loving little guy who hates being cooped up or made to hold still.  He does a fabulous job in nursery, so I'm hoping that there will be room for him there (just a few months earlier), too.

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Megan said...

Kate was old enough to start Provo nursery right as we were leaving, but not here in AZ, was so sad. Our ward had 7 nurseries so they had a hard time with adding Jack. When I was called to nursery we were down to 50 because of the ward split.