Monday, February 27, 2012


Okay, so I know that I haven't blogged anything in the past month.  And I know that some of you are possibly annoyed about this, seeing as how we moved nearly 2,000 miles away & I haven't really given an update (except for maybe on Facebook, which doesn't even really count).

Hopefully, you will all forgive me (at least for the moment) & allow me to do this out of order.  Instead of the customary "Here's how we're settling into our new life!" blog post that is way overdue, I have to post this fabulous little video that we captured this evening.

* * *

One of James' favorite things to do right now, aside from wreaking general havoc, is to bring us every book that he has, one by one, so that we can read to him.  Of course, we think this is quite adorable.  Well, we think it's adorable until we realize that we've read Goodnight Moon fourteen times before 9:00am.

Right now, one of James' favorite books is Oops!

Apparently, we've read this book to him more than a few times.  Here is a video of David reading him this book.

He just learned to say "Uh-Oh!" today.  Kind of an awesome parenting moment...

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Jessica Havican said...

how dare you not post about your move!!!!

good thing you made up for it with a video of your adorable son!!