Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Time

Yesterday, Mom, James & I took another little day trip.  This time, we went up to Tiro to visit my Grandma.  Tiro is about an hour and twenty minutes north of where we live in Columbus.  My Grandma lives in the house that I grew up in, so it's fun to go back & visit this tiny little village (of about 250 people) every once in a while.  This past Friday & Saturday, Tiro held their annual Fireman's Festival.  We went every single year while I was growing up, so it was quite nostalgic.  We didn't stay at the festival for too long, but we did spend a lot of time at my Grandma's house, just sitting in the front yard while James played with his second cousins, Kimmy & Aliah.

My handsome boy.

My handsome boy with his cousin, Kimmy.

Kimmy with her Grandma (aka, my Aunt Penny).


James with his Grandma (aka, my Mom).

Someone was being a stinker, so he got flipped over.  Works every time.

Kimmy's baby sister, Aliah.

Yes, that is my child licking a dirty outdoor chair.  Don't judge him.  Or me.

Handsomest boy ever?  I vote yes.

Fascinated by the baby... and her eyes.  Yikes.

My Grandma cheesin' it up.

James with his Great Grandma.

Kisses were not a success...

Kimmy with her Uncle Stephen (aka, my cousin).

Peeping James.

Water bottle theif.

He was trying to give her a hug by headbutting her in the belly.

My gorgeous mother sporting her new short hair.  We both recently got our hair cut together & she donated her long, beautiful hair to Locks of Love.  Go Mom!


Megan said...

I miss your photographing self! I need new pictures. I love daytrips!

Julina said...

I love your mom's short hair! So beautiful!