Friday, July 20, 2012

20 Months

Today, James is 20 months old.

It doesn't seem like it's such a big milestone, from the standpoint of counting months after a child has turned one.  Turning one year old, that's a big deal.  Turning 18 months, or one and a half, is also kind of a big deal.  The next big one?  Turning two.  But 20 months?

Well, for us, it's been kind of awesome.  First of all, being 20 months just sounds so much closer to actually being two years old.  It's like he's growing into his toddlerhood that much more.  He's been acting more and more like a little boy and less like a baby or young toddler.  He walks like a little boy, has about a bazillion facial expressions, has no fear of doing things by himself and is starting to sound like a little boy.  This brings me to my second point...

I love my adorable little crazy-faced boy.  Check out that eyebrow action.

He talks non-stop.  (This is how you know he's our child.)  James been learning new words left and right.  The other day, he busted out the word apple while we were giving him apple slices without us having said it immediately beforehand, prompting him or him having ever said it before.  Apparently, he just remembered what it was called.  He's also learned that if he grabs our finger and says outside, another new word, that he can go out to play, which is currently his favorite thing ever (after eating, of course).  I don't spend my time counting the number of words that he can say, but these past few weeks have brought about quite the increase in James' vocabulary.  Some of my favorite words of his are marshmallow, cookie  and 'nana (for banana).  (I told you, he likes to eat.)  He's also very good at copying what we say, even if he doesn't repeat it on his own later.  In addition to his expanding vocabulary, he also jabbers on like he's saying full, legitimate sentences, even though everything that comes out of his mouth is complete nonsense.  Occasionally, he'll toss in the words "mommy" or "daddy", but that's it.  He's probably talking smack about us, but it's the most adorable thing in the world.

I love how much he's growing up.  He's looking more like daddy and acting more like mommy every single day, and we absolutely love it that way.

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