Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning the Alphabet

I know I'm doing a lot of "baby boasting" here, but it's my blog, so it's okay.

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment.  The three of us were in the waiting room and James started playing with this large activity block that had spinable alphabet blocks on one side.  David was pointing out each letter, in order, while spinning the blocks so that the letter side showed front.  Then, once he'd made it through the entire alphabet, James pointed to the "U" block and said yoo.  I wasn't paying much attention, so David told me what he'd just done.  I told him that it was probably an accident and not to get too excited, which was when James pointed to the "A" block and correctly named it, too.  We both got kind of wide-eyed at that point.  Then David decided to quiz him by pointing to various letters and saying, "What is this one?"  James ended up successfully naming about six different letters before he got bored and stopped answering us.

Later, I was relating this story to my mom.  She was at our place when James started playing on his "piano", which is a Leap Frog stand-up toy that has buttons for letters, numbers, shapes, songs, etc.  Along one side are small letter-shaped buttons for each letter of the alphabet, which he pushes often.  He started pushing them at random, so I decided to quiz him again in order to show my mom.  When I'd ask him "Where's [letter]?", he'd push the button, which says the name of the letter, and then smile up at me in the biggest way.  I even got him to show me a couple of new ones that we didn't get out of him earlier.

Now, just for the record, we don't sit around grilling our 20-month-old about letters of the alphabet, or anything else for that matter.  It's just something that he obviously picked up.  Between his Leap Frog toy, a couple of ABC books and the shows Word World and Super Why!, I think he just picked it up all on his own.

My next mission is to try to video tape this.

I love my adorable little boy.


Megan said...

I am totally an advocate of leap frog toys and videos. They are amazing at teaching kids. James is pretty smart to pick them up and learn them when he is still so young and still learning language. I for one am glad you are writing it down, brag away!!!

Sarah Ragatz said...

That's great! Sounds like he can name more letters than my 4-year-old can. ...don't judge me. :)

Kimberly said...

Don' you just love surprises like that??? I asked Olivia to sign tree and she did and then just added grass on her own! We've never even discussed grass, just something she picked up on Baby Signing Times. Your son is a genius. And now I'm off to teach my 16 month old the alphabet. . .