Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thank Heavens for Daddy

Since we're a one car family, I will occasionally take David to work at 12:30pm so that I can use the car to run errands and go to appointments as necessary.  Since my mom and brother both work at the same place, I will generally go back to David's work at 4:30pm so that I can leave the car there and catch a ride home with my mom when she gets off of work.  That way, I don't have to get James out of bed to pick David up at 9:30pm.

Today, my mom worked a little overtime so that she could get off at 5pm, which is the same time my brother gets off.  He was having car trouble earlier today, so my mom was giving him a ride to pick up his car after work.  Since I used our car today to run an errand and go to a doctor's appointment, I went to their work to wait for them to get off so that we could all ride home together.  Generally, David's lunch hour is about that same time, so I'll usually call him when I'm waiting in the lobby so that he can see James for a few minutes.  I got there a little bit early today, since I was recently at the Target nearby and had finished shopping sooner than expected, and David came down to the lobby to hang out with us.  While we were waiting for my mom and brother to finish working and join us, James was touching everything in sight (as usual) and started peering through the glass wall that separates the lobby from the rest of the building.  He was standing next to the doors (also completely glass) with his little hands pressed on the window wall.  A woman came through the doors just then, on her way out of the building.  Apparently, while the door was slowly swinging shut, James unthinkingly curled his little fingers around the edge of the glass wall and got them smashed by the door as it closed.  Of course, he started screaming, and when I went to open the door, it was locked.  Thank goodness David was there.  Those doors only open if an employee scans their work badge or the receptionist buzzes someone in.  Since the receptionist had just barely left for the day, it was lucky that David was with us to quickly scan his badge so that we could open the door.  He cried for a good half an hour and his little fingers were so pinched and swollen.  I felt so terrible for him!

He seemed to get over it by the time we got to my brother's house, which was good, and didn't complain about it later.

I think I would have gone nuts if no one was there to get that door open!  Thank heavens for Daddy!

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Sarah Ragatz said...

Wow, poor little guy.